What Is The Purpose Of The Classroom

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Know the content and how to teach it:

In my most recent practicum, I was placed in a school that had a comforting atmosphere to have the opportunity to learn. The culture and diversity in the school had made my experience more appreciating. It was situated in an environment where many of its students had come from non-English speaking backgrounds. Students are offered and provided with a wide range of learning opportunities like the operation of Greek, Macedonian and Italian bilingual programs and many other supportive programs. The school believes that “every student can learn” (Lalor North Primary School, 2016, para. 5) and raises expectations that are high for the students to achieve. The purpose of the school is “to empower students
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I believed that teaching required having studied and understood the material before teaching it. It is a matter of learning it yourself and then allowing the students to learn it through your teaching strategy. It is important to communicate and work collaboratively during teaching lessons so that students are corrected by the teacher if incorrect. I believe that teachers need to know what the students already know by pre-questioning or pre-assessing them. This is critical so that the teacher takes into consideration of what level each student is at and what they need to teach. Questioning is essential for teaching so that students are left with curiosity and develop their thinking skills to deliver what they learned and use that knowledge to predict further answers. I admire teachers that choose to set up and teach their lessons the way they believe has previously been a good experience for them and continuously use it. There is not a correct way to teach well as teachers have different teaching styles. The method of teaching should reflect on meeting the classroom individual needs. Every teacher needs instructional strategies for all students in each subject every day. They need a deeper content knowledge regardless of what they are teaching to make the challenging content understandable. According to Vygotsky, the “teacher’s role is to motivate, …show more content…
This standard is also listed under profession practice and consists of five competencies involved in this specific standard. The experience in the school relates to the following competencies; identify strategies to support inclusive student participation and engagement in classroom activities; and demonstrate knowledge of practical approaches to manage challenging behaviour (AITSL*, 2014). In my practicum, students in the classroom were respectful considering their religious obligations, but were just like any other school students. During lessons, students participated in discussions and when they knew an answer to a question. Although, there were also kids that behaved disturbingly during my teaching and those that did not want to say anything due to feelings of exclusion. I figured that by getting those challenging students to sit separately, they would then feel guilty and listen. And, to warn them that if they continue to misbehave, the matter will be taken further with harsh penalties. Throughout my lesson, when raising a question, I chose to get the students feeling excluded to talk rather than the ones I realised already knew the answer. And I also got them to sit together to work together and even with students that I know would make them feel

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