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  • The Importance Of Mobile Technology In The Classroom

    in and out the classroom, teachers should monitor the amount of mobile technology in the classroom, because mobile technology makes it easy to look up answer for assignments and test on the internet, and it takes their intelligence away because no one is learning the material or gaining skills. Technology helps Students and teachers in the classroom because as we sail through the 21st century, technology in the classroom are becoming more predominant and teachers should use technology in the classroom because it improve students’ achievements, keep the student involved, and promotes higher thinking. For example, US News journalist Ryan Lytle wrote an article stating an Advanced Placement Calculus teacher named Stacey Roshan, an instructor at Bullis; a private school for students in grades three…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Role Of Video Games In Education

    frequency than the teachers, and the two need to become attuned. The classroom needs to become more interactive and engaging for students to get the best possible outcome. This can be done by installing game systems such as computers, Xboxes or Nintendo Wiis. Video games on the market are no longer all about shooting up some Nazi villain; these games have elaborate story lines, helpful learning tricks and are still a joy to play. However, computers or game systems are expensive. Cost is the…

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  • Importance Of Tour On Campus

    Characteristics 5- Excellent 4- Above Average 3 - Average 2 - Below Average 1- Poor Points Earned Comments Tour Route, Length, and Coverage of Campus The tour route is extremely well organized and uses time with maximum efficiency. Relative to campus size, the tour covers the maximum amount of campus possible. The tour ends in perfect length of time. The tour route is well organized and uses time well. Relative to campus size, the tour covers a significant portion of campus. The tour ends at a…

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  • 1.1 Explain The Role Of The Environment In The Classroom

    5: Interpretation Environment plays a huge role in children's learning. The use of space, lighting, and materials, contribute greatly to the environment and the students' engagement. As an educator, you want to engage the senses of students, while challenging them, and promoting interaction. The ideal classroom is one that creates a safe space for children, and allows them to experience culture, growth and interaction. "The role of the teacher includes designing an educative environment and…

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  • Importance Of Rules And Punishments In The Giver

    In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, the citizens must follow rules and punishments. How would you feel if you got hit with a punishment stick? In their society, they get hit with the stick if they are bad. If you are bad, then you must apologue in front of the whole society. One of the rules are that you must stay with your age group. In the Giver, Citizens have lots of rules and punishments that have both benefits and drawbacks. In the Giver, they have rules and punishments and some are…

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  • Fly By Yourself Research Paper

    It was lunch time, around 10:30 am, we were directly to the cafeteria to pick up our plates, and it was macaroni with cheese and chicken nuggets. “That’s so disgusting, I don’t want to eat it,” warned my friend with a selfish voice and eyes rolling at the old cafeteria woman. I became disappointed with her, but I really do not pay attention and ate my delicious macaroni. Then, the bell rang again, and we walked to our last classes. We get lost many times, but I knew that I was not alone, and…

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  • Reflective Essay: Respect And Dignity For Students

    Being in a linear school, it is extremely hard to learn the names of approximately 180 students in such a short amount of time. Therefore, even before I was fully immersed, I was taking attendance trying to put a face to the name and making students more personable to me. In addition, I was working my way around the classroom during student group discussions and activities. For example, in my PE 8 class I have developed a good rapport with many of my students allowing me to build a respectful…

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  • Narrative Essay On Service Learning

    Some students would miss thing answer and put it incorrectly on the crossword. I have done to 5 minutes about missing left to the square in a grid are skip answer with multiplication. I made sure to check their finished homework from class then changed scats. Same as before, I enjoyed observing students in classroom. I saw the teacher do activities for teaching vocabulary words and math. My students asked how I learned sign language and I said “In the 1st grade in Egly Elementary school they…

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  • Penn Charter Reflection

    I wanted to take American Studies at Penn Charter even before my time here started. I looked at Penn Charter in 8th grade looking to come here for high school and while looking through the course offerings, I was immediately drawn to American Studies. History and English have always been my two favorite subjects so I thought this class would be the perfect opportunity to merge both of my interests into one. American Studies is a course that none of the other high schools that I was looking at…

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  • Diversity Class Reflection

    I was able to learn a lot of tips and tricks to help include students from all different types of backgrounds into my classroom. Being able to teach about other cultures and traditions in other cultures can be difficult, but taking this class I was able to think outside the box of how to do this. One thing that I thought about was in teaching English we could read stories about other places or books that are multicultural. For science lessons you could talk about different terrain in other…

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