Fly By Yourself Research Paper

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Fly by yourself “If you want to be someone in life, should risk and take advantage of your opportunities,” stated my mom with a loud voice and eyes popping open. My mom was deciding to send me to high school, and it was new for me because I always were in Mexican school, “I cannot just dominate the English language, it is very hard for me” I screamed to my mom with clear tears rolling into my cheeks. “It is going to be fine, do not worry,” explained my mother with a relief voice. It was too much for me and makes me disappointed. It was a sparkly sun rising day, the sky was cloudy light blue and was a fresh breeze in the air. I stepped my mom’s black shiny car as she exclaims, “Good luck my beautiful girl.” I make a fake smile to her and close …show more content…
It was lunch time, around 10:30 am, we were directly to the cafeteria to pick up our plates, and it was macaroni with cheese and chicken nuggets. “That’s so disgusting, I don’t want to eat it,” warned my friend with a selfish voice and eyes rolling at the old cafeteria woman. I became disappointed with her, but I really do not pay attention and ate my delicious macaroni. Then, the bell rang again, and we walked to our last classes. We get lost many times, but I knew that I was not alone, and nobody it is perfect we sometimes have mistakes. When, the last bell rang, I was supposed to go to my school bus that was going to leave me near from the bridge, but my friend and I never found it, we asked some big kids and finally found the bus, that it was just arriving. “We are safe!” I shouted to my friend. When my mom picked me up, I talked to her about my actions at my obstacles at school, how I solved it and that high school should not be worse, as it is for now. She smiled and securely stated “See how I was not wrong about that school, it is going to change your perception of the world.” She hugged me with love, and that was on the top challenging days of all my life. I felt special, like if I was the luckiest

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