Reflective Essay: Respect And Dignity For Students

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Getting to know my students’ names and their personalities demonstrates respect and dignity for students as persons with varied interests, needs, backgrounds, points of view, plans, goals, and aspirations. Being in a linear school, it is extremely hard to learn the names of approximately 180 students in such a short amount of time. Therefore, even before I was fully immersed, I was taking attendance trying to put a face to the name and making students more personable to me. In addition, I was working my way around the classroom during student group discussions and activities. For example, in my PE 8 class I have developed a good rapport with many of my students allowing me to build a respectful relationship that we can both benefit from. In …show more content…
This is the essence of what our practicum focuses on. As teachers, we need to be able to reflect on the day and make decisions on what worked well and what must never be done again. I have learned numerous things in the short amount of time I have been here both in PE and my science classes. For example, in my Biology 12 class I have begun to try this activity called spectrum. This is where you write an agree or disagree statement on the board, and students must walk to either the agree, disagree, or not sure areas in the classrooms. I began trying this to generate some energy in the room and to give students a break from classroom routines. Additionally, I have started enforcing rules in PE such as no one can leave the gym until every piece of equipment is put away. Students often want to rush away and leave the mess for someone else. This holds them accountable to clean up after themselves. These changes, while small, are merely a few examples of how I can discard flawed practices and create new ones. I have found that PE is a subject where I am constantly refining and reinventing my lessons as I can see right away whether the students enjoyed the task or

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