College 101 Reflective Essay

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Monday at nine a.m. sharp in the morning, I took one step into room A232 and had no clue what College 101 would accomplish. There was barely anything I knew related to what the class was about and the material it would involve. It was a required course every full-time student needed and was worth two credits. People said no stressful heavy, rigorous information was in there to memorize. As I grabbed a seat, my instructor gave me a better understanding on the purpose of the course. College 101 was meant to prepare students for college, to ask questions, and explore new interest at our time here. Now that I’m close to completing College 101, the in-depth discussions have taught me the importance of reaching the worth of my education. We highlighted …show more content…
My critical thinking can help me in situations to communicate and relate to a specific group of people. It builds up the skill to trust people and set examples to the youth to be welcoming to all differences in individuals. Team working with one another and being able to unite is the foundation of our society. As we examine in nature, operating together is stronger than one. In our textbook, one purpose why we should be open to diversity is, “To study and grasp historical perspectives in order to understand reasons for the tensions between and among different cultures.” (Sherfield 163). Talking to others is one access explanation as to how ideas are spread in our world. It grants me the advantage to know how to handle and compromise with others. Each person has a unique background and belief that can guide me to understanding the world or of different perspectives. Having discussions with diverse individuals widen my way of thinking and knowledge. If everyone exposed themselves to more diversity, no one would be narrow minded and we’d have the capability to progress our

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