Active learning

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  • Active Learning

    Practitioners in the Early Years setting must support children as active learners in order for them to develop to their fullest potential. Active learning covers a wide range of aspects, however, it is not possible to cover them all as the subject is very extensive. Nevertheless, the following aspects of active learning will be covered: neuroscience, metacognition, schema development, social cognition, the influences of adult intervention and how children learn through play. As well as exploring the aspects of active learning, this essay will consider the challenges practitioners face when working with children under three years old. Active learning involves basing all learning around the child in real life or imaginary situations. Children…

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  • Active Learning Essay

    Introduction Students do not learn much by just sitting behind a desk listening to their teacher, memorising information and reproducing it. Children must be engaged in what they are learning by talking about it in the classroom, writing about what they have learnt and may be able to relate it to their past experience or apply it to the daily lives. It is important that children take what they have learnt in the classroom along with them in their day to day living. This chapter will outline…

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  • Active While Learning

    whether or not it is better for students to be active while they learn as well as being active in their daily lives to help enhance their learning and memory. There are multiple studies being conducted to compare and contrast active students versus non-active students and the results are surprising. Studies are being done through all age groups…

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  • Flipping The Classroom And Active Learning

    Flipping the classroom and Active Learning Educators and educational researchers have been questioning the effectiveness of teaching methods that are entirely lecture-based for decades (Barr & Tagg, 1995). Despite innovations in technology such as internet, virtual class, instant messaging are enabling alternative techniques for education, face-to-face lecture formats continue to be the primary method for most colleges (Bligh, 2000). Active learning methods require students to utilize…

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  • Activities For Active Engagement Of Learning

    Course: EDP2222 Activities for active engagement of learning According to the constructivist’s theory, in order for meaningful learning to occur, the students need to be making connections to their world (Churchill et al, 2012). Students are interested according to Fisher (2005) in maths that relates to their needs. The lesson plan includes ideas such as lengths of a table, how to use a ruler and a YouTube clip that explains the history of measurement, relating measurement to the real…

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  • Active Teaching And Learning Essay

    Course Pre-Assessment DIRECTIONS: Answer the 5 questions about Powerful & Purposeful social studies teaching and learning. Powerful & Purposeful Teaching and Learning What does ACTIVE teaching and learning mean to you? Active teaching and learning means that I have to teach students engaging lessons that they want to learn about and participate in. The students need to participate in the learning process while showing their ability to collaborate with other students. The teacher also…

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  • Active Learning Instructional Model Of ELL Students In The Classroom

    The same active learning model and the levels of expectation and involvement of the ELL student should pervade all classes. For this reason, ideally, change toward an active learning instructional model should occur within a school rather than within a single classroom. Gaining a principal's support for an active instructional model is key to this. Even if it is only one teacher or two teachers working together to bring about change into their classrooms, the principal's support and recognition…

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  • The Importance Of Active Learning

    world whether active learning is a better way of teaching students than lecturing. Active learning is defined as “the process of having students engage in some activity that forces them to reflect upon ideas and how they are using those ideas.The attainment of knowledge by participating or contributing” (Edwards 1). Although it is hard to enact there is evidence that students learn more from doing than just listening. Some teachers argue that the traditional lecture is better because it uses…

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  • Student Retention Limitations

    To gain a thorough grasp on the benefits of active learning and freshman seminar on retention, more evaluations and longer time frames are needed (Dabbour, 1997; Howard & Jones, 2000; Black et al., 2016). Only having a few weeks, it’s hard to determine which factors are actually having an effect. For the freshman seminar courses, Howard and Jones (2000) and Black et al. (2016) found that for a more accurate representation of retention, further research should be done on individual majors.…

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  • The Importance Of Mobile Technology In The Classroom

    Even though while technology is helpful to people in and out the classroom, teachers should monitor the amount of mobile technology in the classroom, because mobile technology makes it easy to look up answer for assignments and test on the internet, and it takes their intelligence away because no one is learning the material or gaining skills. Technology helps Students and teachers in the classroom because as we sail through the 21st century, technology in the classroom are becoming more…

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