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  • Reflection On The Stages Of Change Model

    1a.) My initial measurable behavior change goal was “The one health behavior that I want to work on for the remainder of the semester is my physical activity, I have always wanted to be a runner and complete a marathon. I am a pretty active person in my everyday life and I do walk on my treadmill every morning, but I really want to get my heart rate up and burn some calories. I do notice that I am very tired in the mornings and I have read a number of research articles that show performing an activity like jogging or running first thing in the morning helps with energy and ramps up your metabolism. Since I am so tired in the morning I do drink coffee and drinking more coffee lead to more sugar in my diet, which is something that I am really…

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  • Capl Model Of Physical Education

    activity through having experienced a sense of achievement and enjoyment; 2. The motivation and confidence to continue active participation on physical activity; 3. Movement competence, commensurate with their physical potential; 4. Experience of a range of movement activities; 5. Realistic self-knowledge and self-awareness enabling them to set appropriate personal goals in respect to physical activity; 6. An understanding of the nature of movement and of the importance and value of physical…

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  • Importance Of Active Living For An Older Person

    Active Living for the Older Person Introduction: The process of ageing can bring about a number of social changes… bereavement, depression, isolation, retirement etc. Retirement can be one that may have a very dramatic effect on the life of the individual. I shall use course notes/handouts, course recommended textbooks and internet sources to research and understand the topic. 1. The role of the carer/organisations in promoting positive attitudes to ageing and retirement Retirement may be…

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  • My Healthy Active Living Action Plan

    My Healthy Active Living Action Plan- Pola Cwiek My Goals Are SMART GOAL #1: Component of Fitness: Muscular Strength- Standing Long Jump My Healthy Active Living Goal is to improve my standing long jump by 15 cm by January 2018. My goal is specific because I've stated the test i want to improve in: standing long jump, the amount i want to increase in 15 cm and the time frame January 2018. My goal is measurable because I’m going to be able to see the difference in centimetres since the first…

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  • How To Write A Reflection On A Clinical Experience

    I aimed to improve both recognising and using non-verbal signals, gestures, facial expressions and body language. I also tried to advance my active listening skills giving my full attention to my patient while being seen to be listening by maintaining eye contact and give confirmation to the patient by nodding, smiling or by using verbal ratification. I did this to keep the concentration of my patient and prevent them from reaching a conclusion that I wasn’t properly listening. I also found that…

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  • Personal Listening Style Analysis

    emotional messages being conveyed. As a Non-Commissioned Officer, it is imperative to the mission that those individuals in whom I was given charge were physically and mentally prepared to carry out assigned duties. If for any reason there were issues, whether personal or professional, it was my duty to council those individuals and provide leadership and understanding so the issue could be dealt with in a manner that was expeditious and suitable for both the Airman and the United States Air…

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  • Reflection On A Critical Incident

    I realized that even though I was not able to directly use cathartic skills, I still learned that something as simple as providing my presence to D.B. still played a beneficial role. Also, utilization of active listening skills such as observing D.B.’s nonverbal behaviours and monitoring my own nonverbal behaviours aided in this situation, even though I did not think much of it during the event. While I did not realize it at first, my feelings of self-doubt masked the fact that I did possess…

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  • Active Listening In Social Work

    The first task is to schedule the meeting with her support system. The second task is to have the meeting with her support system. The third task is to tell them what is going on in her life at the meeting and ask them for help. Write a brief essay discussing the importance of active listening and how we ask questions. Write a reflective response and a follow-up question for the following statements listed below as a part of your essay. Active listening is vital in social work field. Active…

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  • Active Listening Report

    Active Listening Scenario: My active listening conversation occurred during my first training workshop for the NOVA ambassador program at JSOM. It was a Friday afternoon, and among the attendees, there were 3 staff members and 14 NOVA ambassadors, including myself. We were at a small classroom that invited people to sit close to each other, allowing a closer group interaction. I took a seat right in the middle of the classroom, facing right at the presenter, a school faculty member, with a…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Listening In Interpersonal Communication

    non-verbal messages”( Beebe, Beebe, Redmond, Geerinck and Salem-Wiseman, 2015, p.113 ). Being an active listener makes the speaker feel that the listener is interested in him/her and he/she feels…

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