Active Listening Report

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Active Listening
My active listening conversation occurred during my first training workshop for the NOVA ambassador program at JSOM. It was a Friday afternoon, and among the attendees, there were 3 staff members and 14 NOVA ambassadors, including myself. We were at a small classroom that invited people to sit close to each other, allowing a closer group interaction. I took a seat right in the middle of the classroom, facing right at the presenter, a school faculty member, with a notebook and pencil at hand. While the presentation was not only directed to me, it was very informative and required strong active listening skills as we were going to do a mock presentation/tour following the presentation with the given information. Therefore,
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I nodded very often and made phatic signals, as I rediscovered my own University through the many traditions and facts that Chad covered in the workshop.
Chad continued with the presentation, without any interruptions for about 30 minutes until he began to talk about the Rock Garden.

Chad: “After Founders Hall, please head to the Rock Garden, where you can show your students our 19 large rock specimens ranging from 100lbs to nearly 1 ton. In addition, to our 5 sedimentary, 6 metamorphic, and 7 igneous rock types.”

Me: I immediately raised my hand and said, “I am so sorry to interrupt, but that is just fascinating. Unfortunately, I haven 't been able to visit our Rock Garden. I hope I am not only speaking for myself, but I feel like it would be better if we can do a practice tour as a group, so we could all admire the Rock Garden and all of our school facilities. I feel like it would be worth the time, as I am finding myself very overwhelmed with the information, given the fact that I have not visited various parts of our campus. Therefore, I think that it would be very beneficial to familiarize myself with the campus before giving a
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Therefore, the environment was very relaxing and friendly. All three of the company’s representatives, Jeff, Karen, and September, were very friendly and conversational. Although I left out much detail of the conversation, they were constantly laughing and telling short stories about their first internships and the many projects that I could be part off as an intern. Karen had her legs crossed and her hands were constantly playing with her hair, which I believe showed confidence and friendliness; she was not portraying any superiority and was talking to me with much respect and friendliness. Jeff and September looked comfortable and attentive when it was their turn to speak. I believe that the entire conversation was very easy going and friendly because their superior, Donna, had recommended me for the position. I felt so confident and relaxed that I was able to portray my personality, and I believe that was a huge benefit to my hiring process. I have been working with Topgolf for about a year now, and I will be starting full-time as a Financial Analyst Jr. on January

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