Reflection On The Stages Of Change Model

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1a.) My initial measurable behavior change goal was “The one health behavior that I want to work on for the remainder of the semester is my physical activity, I have always wanted to be a runner and complete a marathon. I am a pretty active person in my everyday life and I do walk on my treadmill every morning, but I really want to get my heart rate up and burn some calories. I do notice that I am very tired in the mornings and I have read a number of research articles that show performing an activity like jogging or running first thing in the morning helps with energy and ramps up your metabolism. Since I am so tired in the morning I do drink coffee and drinking more coffee lead to more sugar in my diet, which is something that I am really …show more content…
Prior to the assignment I had no intention to start running, the desire was always there, but I had no actual plans to do it. This took me from the pre-contemplation stage to the contemplation stage where I realized that I needed to make a change to my physical activity to prevent negative health effects down the road. Once I put a plan in place to submit in my Assignment One submission I moved into the preparation phase and I finally had a step-by-step plan of how to achieve my goal. I then moved into the action stage, which is where I still am currently, I got my butt off of the couch and started running. I started out slow, but I have been able to steadily move towards running longer and with faster speeds. The next step that I will move into once I have achieved my goal completely is the maintenance stage; this is a stage that I will hopefully achieve within the next few weeks. The Health Belief Model helped me perceive the seriousness of my lack of physical activity could have on my overall health, it also helped me perceive the susceptibility of future health problems, and helped me create an action plan to prevent these negative health problems. I am very pleased that I have been able to get moving and decrease my risk of a number of diseases directly related to little or no physical

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