Explain How You Elicited And Built On Children's Learning Through Active Learning

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[ ] In clip one, the children are engaged through discussion about their prior knowledge. For example, the children are asked what they already know about predictions and are able to learn from others through discussion. Then the children are given the opportunity to identify what they already know about predictions within a small group in clip two. My instruction linked the children’s development by providing opportunities for the children to use their prior knowledge of predictions and verbally communicate their understanding as well as record through writing on a chart within a small group. After the children identified their prior knowledge, I created a bridge to the new learning by building on their understanding through using a anchor chart with new ideas for the children to learn as well. I also linked their prior learning by referring to other lessons prior to this lesson sequence through activating their prior knowledge by identifying examples of …show more content…
They are also a strong community of friends that enjoy working together to help each other and learn from each other.
4. Deepening Children’s Learning during Instruction
Refer to examples from the video clips in your explanations.
a. Explain how you elicited and built on children’s responses to promote children’s language and literacy development through active learning.
[ ] In clip 1, it is evident that I elicited and built on children’s responses. For example, when prompting the children to identify what they already knew about predictions from their prior knowledge, when the children answered, I restated what the child’s answer was to ensure that every child heard what their answer was and if I heard it correctly. I also built on the children’s responses by asking them questions back to increase their knowledge of their understanding of

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