Overcoming Obstacles Essay

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  • Narrative Essay About Soccer

    I was now playing on a select team and also on a premier club team. I was feeling great. During my eighth grade school soccer season, I was the top scorer for my team and I had high hopes of making Varsity soccer as an entering freshman. Two weeks prior to the start of soccer season, I broke my ankle playing indoor soccer. I was overcome with more disappointment than imaginable. I felt like the one thing I had worked so hard to accomplish was once again taken away. Similar with The Pact when Sam also had the same struggles. He failed his first state board exam, and was left behind, because Rameck passed. It was something that delayed his medical career temporarily, but if he wouldn‘t have stuck with it, could have delayed it permanently. Sam had to put his other priorities aside, and completely focus on his goal at hand. The recovery after my injury was long and rough. I had to also put my other priorities aside. If I wanted to become better, and work through my injury, I needed to make sacrifices. I worked hard to get back in shape, attending physical therapy daily, instead of hanging out at a friend’s house, catching up on the latest gossip. My asthma made it difficult, but because I continually practiced, it soon became easier for me to run, and move the ball. All I wanted to do was to prove myself. Even though my dream did not become fulfilled that season, I knew it would be a possibility the next season, if I worked continuously. Sam’s dream was achieved by his pure work…

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  • Overcoming Obstacles

    “I am gonna try again and again, because the moment I give up, is the moment I fail”—Nick Vujicic. Along the way of our life, we might fall down because of the obstacles that we faced. Sometimes, we fall down before we cross the obstacles, sometimes, we fall down when we cross the obstacles. But the important thing is we need to get back up after we fall down. This is because we gotta fall before we fly and this is the only path way to become successful in future. Sometimes in life, we might…

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  • Obstacles In Overcoming Adversity

    and everyone can experience them. Adversity can be described as difficulties or misfortune and some size of adversity can be dealt with everyday. I have experienced multiple situations that can be described as misfortune and have been able to overcome all of the obstacles thrown my way. An example of a difficult time I have experienced was the passing of my father. Although I have overcome the initial hit of this unfortunate event, I deal with the hardship of being without my father on a daily…

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  • Overcoming Obstacles In Education

    Alexie, Winterlin, and Gore all had obstacles they face. One obstacle they overcame was stereotypes, stereotypes are very hard to overcome. Alexie overcame stereotypes by showing everyone that because he is Indian that he supposed to be uneducated. “However ,it wasn 't until I let the stereotypes and social expectation of other people go that I really discovered my true identity” (Haskins 1). That applies to Alexie, as soon as he didn 't let his classmate get to his head. He later on found out…

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  • Overcoming Obstacle Essay

    Strong Enough Roman said, “You are ugly, and nobody will ever speak with you”. “No, you are wrong. You will see” I screamed to him, and ran away. Every day people overcome obstacles. There are different problems that people need to overcome. Some people are strong, and they get what they want, but others are weak, and they don’t get what they want. Strong people go straight to their goal, and they don’t look at hard times. Although, my eyes were getting watery, I still didn’t want anybody to…

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  • Overcoming Obstacles In Life

    Life is a journey through which we face obstacles and gain victories. Our attitudes and actions toward obstacles are often major factors that determine our ability to succeed in achieving dreams and accomplishing our goals. So far, I have faced and overcame many obstacles in life; some were minor, while others scarred me. One of the biggest hurdles I faced was the lack of confidence, which impeded my ability to succeed in my classes. It took me some time to realize that my lack of morale and…

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  • Overcoming Obstacles Essay

    Life in general is hard for many people but it all comes down to how the person deals with obstacles that come their way. There is always another way around a problem and only you can decide if it is good or bad.Always try to look at a disadvantage from another point of view because there will always be a positive side to everything. Overcoming obstacles in life and trying to make something positive come out of it is never easy but that is the beauty of it,thus making you grow more as a…

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  • Perseverance: Overcoming Obstacles

    hundred students, proving to my third-grade teacher that I would go onto the fourth grade. I still remember the shock on her face as she saw my results, her eyes bulging, eyebrows moved up to her forehead, mouth open. At that moment I felt satisfaction, proud knowing I had proven my teacher wrong; I could feel the large smile on myself, and my eyes lighting up. Facing up against difficult odds and succeeding is a feeling that can’t be matched, and in the entrepreneurial world of business, trying…

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  • Overcoming Obstacles In College

    In life, everyone eventually faces an obstacle where they are left with two choices: to sit there and do nothing or to conquer it and pursue their passion. Like most people, I chose to overcome my obstacle because I wanted to reach a goal no matter what. At my school, AP chemistry is infamous for being the hardest class on campus. Knowing that I could possibly destroy my GPA, I still decided to take the course. I believed that it would provide me with knowledge that could assist me in my…

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  • Overcoming My Obstacles

    I have faced many obstacles in my life. I personally believe that one of the hardest obstacles I have faced was overcoming my eating disorder. I was never officially diagnosed with an eating disorder, due to being so ashamed of my problem. The issue started in the early months of my sophomore year of high school. I began to build relationships with the wrong people. I was never really friends with bad people, they just had toxic personalities. Being around such toxic people made me become very…

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