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  • Research Paper On Chess

    strategies like this requires much practice and is exceptionally advanced. I personally strive to discover and attain these strategical and tactical superior positions in my own chess games, however they are not only difficult to discover, they’re also risky for if you do not calculate a certain possibility or logical move from your opponent when you’re thinking 3 to 4 moves ahead, you make a brash sacrifice and end up in a losing position both materially, and strategically. Keeping this in mind what does it mean to have a superior position in a chess game? In general, superior positioning means the player controls more space. The more squares your pieces occupy, attack, or defend the fewer options your opponent has thus, the opponent is forced…

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  • Benjamin Franklin's Purpose Of Chess

    Inventor, scientist, founding father, and much more - Benjamin Franklin did it all. Franklin writes a syllogism talking about how "chess is not merely of idle amusement." Chess is a game that teaches you how to think methodically; Franklin was a man who thinks methodically before almost every decision he makes. Franklin employs the modes of analogy, definition, and example to convey his message of how chess is a game of life – a game that we must win. First and foremost, Franklin…

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  • King Of Chess By Mao Zedong Summary

    old traditions established in China. Mao Zedong wanted to clear China 's history and remove the unorganized Chinese system to create order in the Chinese society. However the Chinese’s supposed "unorganized system" was, in fact, a structured system and the removal this caused chaos in the society. “King of Chess”, like all the novellas in Ah Cheng 's composition, follows a progression from a structured chaos to a chaotic structure. Mao, when he assumed power in China, sought to get rid of the…

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  • Analysis Of The Chess Game By Sofonisba Anguisola

    The Chess Game by Sofonisba Anguisola is a painting that was made using oil on canvas and it was completed in the year 1555. I choose to write about this painting because I can see a story unfold based on the girls’ facial expressions. Although it is the oldest painting of the group, the painting spoke to me and I immediately envisioned how I could answer this prompt. Also, Diego Rivera’s Sugar Cane came in second place but I wanted to challenge myself and describe something foreign to me since…

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  • The Sport Of Chess In The Wire By David Simon

    Chess is a game that is known worldwide. According to FIDE World Chess Federation, over 160 countries are registered to be part of the FIDE. Chess is a game that is all about strategy and thinking ahead to plan out the best way to beat the opponent. Within the HBO T.V. series The Wire by David Simon, chess is used as a comparison to drug dealing, or as referenced in the series, “the game”. Just like chess, drug dealing, as portrayed in the series, is also all about strategy and planning ahead.…

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  • Chess As A Noble Two Player Strategy Game

    Paper1 To be placed in the role of a general over a battlefield and to combat the opposing general; this is the essence of Chess. Chess is a noble two player strategy game with a reasonable skill floor yet an infinitely high skill cap. This depth leads to a highly captivating game, one where ”An outsider looking on casually might find the intensity incomprehensible. But anyone who has played the game a few times understands how it be engrossing in the extreme”(Shenk 6). The goal of Chess is to…

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  • Beginners Guide To Chess Essay

    Beginners Guide to Chess Chess is a competitive strategic game that every person should play at least once in their life. The game of chess can be incredibly difficult at the master level but this will be a comprehensive guide on the basics and how to get started. Now, it’s time to learn how to kill the king. Items Needed Step 1: Board Preparation 1. To begin place the pieces in their correct positions. The pawns go in the second row on your side of the board. They go in all eight squares…

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  • Waverly Jong In The Joy Luck Club

    with the year of the rat. The year of the rat has a powerful characteristic that is able to learn anything. Which in this case, Waverly, became a child chess prodigy at the age of nine. "By my ninth birthday, I was a national chess champion." (Tan 97). When Waverly was seven-years-old, her older brother received a secondhand chess set. She watched her two older brothers, and she discovered her interest in chess. At first, Waverly did not understand the rules for playing chess. However, she…

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  • Psy 364 Final Exam Analysis

    He states that he was successful in memory retrieval in the first part of experiment, because he could make logical connections which use deeper levels of processing, this allows him to make sense of the chess board pieces, he then refers to a technique called chunking. Working memory plays a pivotal role in playing chess, chunking helps because our short-term memory can only hold 5-9 pieces of information at a time, chunking allowed him to encode more pieces at one time, helping with memory.…

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  • Conflicts In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

    Americanized and doesn’t want to pitch in to Chinese cultures. They suffer from pride and confidence. Like how Lindo shows off how great Waverly is at chess. They also suffer from “invisible strength.”…

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