Analysis Of The Chess Game By Sofonisba Anguisola

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The Chess Game by Sofonisba Anguisola is a painting that was made using oil on canvas and it was completed in the year 1555. I choose to write about this painting because I can see a story unfold based on the girls’ facial expressions. Although it is the oldest painting of the group, the painting spoke to me and I immediately envisioned how I could answer this prompt. Also, Diego Rivera’s Sugar Cane came in second place but I wanted to challenge myself and describe something foreign to me since I had already described Rivera’s painting, Corn Harvest in the past assignment. There are four females in the picture. Starting from right to left, we see the servant. Her skin has a yellow tint, making it darker than the rest. She has wrinkles …show more content…
She is looking at the direction of the sister that was just described. She has similar characteristics as her sisters as she also has an oval face, a big forehead, and small lips. Her eyebrows aren’t as defined, her eyes are brown, and her cheeks are not as pigmented. She is the only one in the painting that is genuinely smiling. She has her hair pulled back and her hair is braided on top of her head with a headband that has magenta flowers on the side. She is wearing a light blue shirt that reaches high up on her neck. The shirt has fold lines throughout and in the center there is a square blue design. On top of this shirt, she is wearing a coat similar to her older sister’s but it is a pullover design. Lastly, she has a pink beaded necklace on top of her light blue shirt. Her hand is rested on the table. The last and oldest sister is looking directly towards us and has a smug smile. She shares similar characteristics with her sisters; she is a white pale woman with an oval face, rosy cheeks, small coral lips, a straight nose, gray eyes with hooded eyelids, gray toned eyebrows, and a rather big forehead. She has her wavy hair parted down the center but also pulled back. She has an adornment on her hair that is detailed with flowers and pearls. She has about three visible layers of clothing. The bottom layer is her frilly white high collared shirt. On top of that is her puffy pink long sleeved dress. It has gold accents all throughout it and it has a scalloped design on the shoulder. The final layer is a blue sleeveless coat that also has matching gold accents. To accessorize, she is wearing two large gold chains overtop of her luxurious outfit. She has one arm hovering over the chess board while her left hand has a chess piece in a light grasp. The table cloth is a pink similar to that of the eldest sister’s dress. It has a very elaborate design with what appears to be octagon and has colors on it such as

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