Beginners Guide To Chess Essay

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Beginners Guide to Chess Chess is a competitive strategic game that every person should play at least once in their life. The game of chess can be incredibly difficult at the master level but this will be a comprehensive guide on the basics and how to get started. Now, it’s time to learn how to kill the king.

Items Needed

Step 1: Board Preparation
1. To begin place the pieces in their correct positions. The pawns go in the second row on your side of the board. They go in all eight squares in the second row.
2. Rooks will go in the first row corners on your side of the board. They belong in the first row in the 1st and 8th columns.
3. Knights will be placed next. Knights belong in the first row in the 2nd and 7th columns. They are placed
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The King is like a super pawn. The king can move one space in any direction. It may move forward, backward, left, right, or any diagonals.
Rook Knight Bishop Queen King

Step 3: Understanding the Basic Rules and objective
1. The player with the lighter shaded pieces makes the first move.
2. Players alternate turns, meaning no player moves two turns or more consecutively.
3. Pawns can get “promotions.” If a pawn is able to reach the first row on the other player’s side of the board they may trade it in for a lost piece.
4. Mate is the term used when the king can be killed, but still has a chance to escape.
5. Check Mate is the term used when a player has won the game. This happens by making it so the king has no form of escape.
6. The main objective is to use strategy and think ahead of your opponent in order to kill their king.
Step 4: Have Fun
Now that you understand the basic fundamentals of chess, you may now go out and either teach others or challenge others to chess matches. This will allow you to hone your skills and keep becoming better and better at the game of chess. But remember you have just learned the fundamentals of chess, there are hundreds of strategies out there that you can discover to improve on your game, but the most important thing is to have

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