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  • Should Police Officers Be Allowed To Wear Body Cameras?

    increasing debate concerning whether police officers should be authorized to wear body cameras to ensure that their activities are monitored and recorded while they are performing their duties. The debate has become more intense, particularly after the death of Michael Brown that occurred in 2014. Some people believe that the introduction of police body cameras would not bring any change since the footage produced is likely to be influenced. However, it is agreeable that police officers should be authorized to wear body cameras, as it will greatly assist in tracking the activities of the officers. It is necessary to provide an in-depth analysis of the importance of police body cameras.…

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  • Difference Between Ortmeier And Meese

    According to Ortmeier & Meese, subculture is a smaller culture within a larger culture, with the same beliefs, behavior, and interest. Subcultures also develop self protection for the the people of the subculture in this case we are talking about police officers. In stated in the text, that a new police officer learns to adopt the beliefs and the attitudes of the people in the department around including peers and supervisors. Once the officer enter into the police subculture, the police is now…

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  • Biases Of Police Officers In The Capital Police Department

    Data Collection and Instrumentation The purpose of this study is to examine the implicit biases of police officers to better understand factors which may contribute to certain adverse behavior during encounters with black males while on duty. Therefore, participants for the research consist of police officers from the Capital Police Department (CPD). The stakeholders are the seven-hundred police officers who are employed by the Capitol Police Department. However, the surveys, interviews, and…

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  • Robert Peel's 12 Principles Of Policing

    states, “The police must be stable, efficient, and organized along military lines” (Bohm & Haley, 2011, p. 141). The military is known for its efficiency and ability to organize which in turn produce a stable environment and an organization which can function at a peak level. By operating in this manner, the public is afforded a more efficient and effective police department. The police department is afforded an efficient department in which a chain of command exists for the betterment of the…

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  • Police Stress Research Paper

    this emotion, but police officers experience stress in a completely different way. This essay is going to cover the effects of stress in policing and the importance of resilience. A career in policing is inevitably stressful, with stress management education police forces will be able to prevent stress and help police officers cope with their stress. A person can be stressed out in many different ways, it also affects each person differently. Stress is defined as “A state of mental or…

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  • Memphis Police Officer Career Paper

    As I began to grow older, I have made a career choice to become a police officer with the Memphis Police Department. I chose to become an officer when I first came to Memphis, and I seen the work that they continuously do in the community. I want to be able to contribute to my community, and protect the citizens. I find a thrill and challenge being able to solve and investigate crimes. To become There are many factors I must research and take into consideration. I have researched the salary of a…

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  • The Impact Of Police Body Cameras

    cameras introduction, the use of force by officers’ decline 60%, and citizens’ complaints against police fell 88%”. (Christopher Mims) The introduction of police body cameras impacted the world in many better ways then bad. But, police body cameras where introduced due to the publics awareness to police brutality and numerous of publicity deaths which has impacted the outcome of police interactions. Police body cameras where first thought of when an awareness of police brutality was brought…

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  • The Impact Of Technology On Policing In The United States

    impacted policing methods in the United States. In the early years of American policing, officers patrolled neighborhoods on foot. This form of community policing lost popularly throughout the years due to the invention of cars and other technological advancements. With recent reports of police misconduct, some departments have emphasized the importance of connecting with the community in order to prevent issues with the public and have gone back to community policing. Also, in the early years…

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  • Police Exercise Discretion

    Police men and women are faced everyday with multiple impediments in attempting to provide safety to individuals within the community. Within reading the text, I find that the two operations to be of most importance preformed by police is order maintenance & Services. Order Maintenance → “The police of preventing behavior that disturbs or threaten to disturb the public peace or that involves face-to-face conflict among two or more people. In such situations, the police exercise discretion in…

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  • Police Officer Qualities

    The personality of a police officer What does it take to become a police officer? What type of skills do you need to possess, to do the job and continue to excel at the job? Police officers have one of the hardest jobs, having to deal with criminals and other civilians who criticize the work when most officers want to provide aid to people in need. Many police officers use discretion that could account for the different personalities they use. Empathy is to put yourself into the same shoes as…

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