Should Police Officers Be Allowed To Wear Body Cameras Case Study

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With the introduction of the fresh body cam technology in the present community, there has been an increasing debate concerning whether police officers should be authorized to wear body cameras to ensure that their activities are monitored and recorded while they are performing their duties. The debate has become more intense, particularly after the death of Michael Brown that occurred in 2014. Some people believe that the introduction of police body cameras would not bring any change since the footage produced is likely to be influenced. However, it is agreeable that police officers should be authorized to wear body cameras, as it will greatly assist in tracking the activities of the officers. It is necessary to provide an in-depth analysis …show more content…
Police officers wearing uniforms with such cameras are less likely to use excessive force than those without the cameras because they are informed that their actions are being monitored. Additionally, the cameras in this context are also necessary when it comes to ensuring that there is trust between the police force and the general public. With the existence of such cameras, the general public will not fear any arrest considering that the actions will be recorded; hence, there is a guarantee that the process of prosecution will not be biased. Therefore, this will reduce the rate of the complaints received from the public concerning the police officers using excessive force when arresting suspects. It also helps in reducing the number of complaints concerning police …show more content…
Notably, it might always be incredibly devastating for the police officers to come to court to meet the suspect clad professionally in a suit; hence, showing a behavior that is completely different from the individual who was detained. Therefore, using police body cameras to record the suspect’s exact character can be very essential at the time of hearing.
Although the police officers might observe this aspect as an attack on their privacy, the cameras can be used effectively to monitor the proofs and statements. The other main advantage of police body cameras is that they offer exact record indicating the exact place and instance in which the police officer in this setting switched off the camera. This would be used to investigating incidences that might lead to police brutality and bias during arrests. Many people

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