Persuasive Essay On Body Cameras

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Body cameras for me personally is not an issue. I was pulled over by a police officer with a body camera recently. It happened at a McDonalds around 11’o clock at night in my hometown Reading, PA. As I was leaving the drive thru and making a left out of McDonalds I hear and see red and blue lights behind me. I pull over and shortly he comes over and introduces himself and his body camera. Then he explained why he had pulled me over. I ran a light that was above me at the exit over McDonalds drive thru. He then went through the process to give me a ticket. I was okay with him video recording me as long as he didn’t show my parents because I really didn’t want him to. In that situation I don’t know his intentions or even his input on the recent police brutality cases but I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little …show more content…
Therefore privacy is an issue that people might see as a problem with body cameras. I kind of understand where they are coming from. Privacy is privacy, people don’t want what is there on video footage. I was perfectly fine with the officer recording me and my rusty 2001 Mercury Sable. I didn’t even notice the body camera on the officer maybe because it was dark out. Like some people might not want their children video recorded and that’s respectable. But I think it is worth it. Giving up privacy to help with police brutality cases. I am also pretty sure once you are in public your privacy is changed a little. So when I walked out the door that night I came out presentable. If I had a problem with that then I watch how I look or what is mine and how that looks. Unless I had children then that would be different but I didn’t in this situation or at all. So that’s why I was okay with being recorded. You’re already in the public eye at that point so a body camera shouldn’t really make a difference. Therefore body cameras should not be an

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