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  • Personal Reflection On The Kanata Race

    of school, it was very difficult to have time in order to work on stamina and work on cardio, which therefore concluded time management played a huge role in training for the 5km. In relationship to extracurriculars, I’m apart of the Ottawa’s Weightlifting team, Just Lift, and my coach requires me to gain weight roughly around 200lbs and it was difficult to meet those expectation while training for the 5km, because I constantly kept losing weight, then had to gain it then the day after lose it…

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  • Bodybuilding Vs Crossfit Essay

    you? Is it Bodybuilding or is it CrossFit? As a bodybuilder, when you hear people talk about “CrossFit”, you instantly think, “injuries”, “terrible form”, and “a huge waste of time”. Even though many people have their opinion of both forms of weightlifting; they both do have their benefits, for example; Bodybuilding focuses more on sculpting the human body to develop that picture-perfect physique. A bodybuilders main…

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  • Vermilion High School Sailor Reflection

    have endured throughout the last four years at Vermilion High School and in my community have shaped me into the young man I am today. I have participated in the following activities: Varsity Football, Varsity Track and Field, Weightlifting, The Breakfast Club for Weightlifting, Choir, Winter Homecoming Court, Athletic Student Sections, and the Move to Stand Bullying Prevention Club. Through hard work and dedication, I pride myself in successfully balancing many extra-curricular activities on…

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  • Bar Persuasive Speech

    you’re weightlifting you don’t try and lift more than you can handle. While pushing yourself is important, it is also important to keep yourself safe. So make sure and pace yourself. Also make sure to put away any equipment you got out back where you found it. Also if you see any unattended equipment lying around, be sure to put that away as well because Christmas is coming and you need all the Nice List points you can get. Above all, make sure to stay safe and have fun. Happy Weightlifting!…

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  • The Importance Of Muscle Weight

    Issues ---- how to get the most out of your workout. Get the most balanced weight gain. With fat and muscle mass. Throwng Sports, weightlifting, wrestling and bodybuilding are examples of sports where there is an advantage that the athletes have a large muscle mass. In some sports such as gymnastics, athletics and break dancing athlete should increase muscle mass while he/she reduces the body fat percentage. It order to increase the relative strength. In such sports is not weight gain another…

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  • Weight Training Vs Strength Training

    For millennia, man has trained to develop his muscles and enhanced his body to perform at an excelled rate. Throughout those years, many ways to train and reasons for training have been created to best suit the trainee’s interest or trade. Different training methods have been emphasized in different fields of expertise to fit the specific career. Some kinds of training are not used for professions, but for mainly just staying in shape or maybe maintaining a certain form. Many rumors,…

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  • Fluid Before Exercise Essay

    The athlete must be hydrated before exercise, so they can store fluids because during their workout they will lose fluids through sweat, so they need to replenish their body with a healthy drink like water. If the athlete isn’t hydrated before the exercise, they are at risk of fatigue, headaches, loss of concentration and cramps, which will hinder their performance. The amount of time you wait after you eat will depend on what sport and what you are consuming. For example, the larger the meal,…

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  • Crossfit Essay

    in a higher release of endorphins than when working out alone” (Blake 2014). The community that Crossfit allows for is unlike any other. Another main reason crossfit has before so popular is that it really does incorporate everything. With the weightlifting, an athlete will gain more muscle mass which will eventually lead to more calories burned throughout the day. And since crossfit is stressed as “high intensity,” gaining that muscle happened with almost every…

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  • Why Climb Mt. Everest Research Paper

    Why Climb Mt. Everest?! Why would somebody want to climb Mt. Everest? To me that seems like a really bad idea. In fact, 290 people have died trying to reach the summit. The last known attempt in which nobody died was thirty years ago! Plus, going through all that suffering just to reach the top and go down again? Not for me. Have you ever seen a documentary about how challenging that is? It is not easy, you have a 25% chance of dying. That’s like taking a spin the wheel with 25% and 75% and…

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  • The Most Challenging And Challengingly Degrading Challenges Of My Life

    People say you don't know what you've got until it's all gone. At 14, I learned this to be true in the most challenging and mentally degrading obstacles of my life. Bringing me down to the lowest point in my life and forcing me to realize you must work hard for everything in life. Looking back on this patch in my life, you may think that I would have wished it ever happened, but I'm grateful to have been able to learn my true grit. March 7, 2015. The day my life turned upside down. It was a…

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