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  • Mac's Brewbra Function Center Case Study

    There is 40 full time staff working at all times which means their catering is really good, they are one of the only places in Wellington which offers a hungi for food and has a restaurant in the building. The 2 rooms on the ground floor are Makaro and Gallery Space and the first floor holds 2 rooms, the Matiu and Mokopuna room, each room can do all layouts but cocktail (the café can do that) and the biggest room can cater for 250 people. All 5 rooms have automatic heating and natural lighting, all coming with sound systems and visual display systems adding value to the…

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  • Wellington Civic Square Analysis

    3) Wellington Civic Square was designed in based on a brief of a new development of civic centre. It involved three Wellington architectural firms to work on a concept plan. Ian Athfield was the dominant force during the development stage. He later on became directly involved in the Civic Square design (Niven 32-33). Sir Ian Athfield was an architect born in Christchurch, 15th July 1940 and passed away on 16th January 2015 at the age of 75. When Athfield was a young man he became very interested…

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  • Airport Observation Essay

    In Plane Sight: An Observational Analysis of Behaviour at the Airport I undertook two non-participant observations at Wellington airport over a period of two weeks. The intention was to observe the behaviour and customs people exhibited when they were not in an environment that was customary and potentially unsettling. I had also expected to take notice of things I hadn’t perceived before as when you are part of the crowd, it’s often harder to take notice of the behaviours and interactions of…

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  • Te Papa Swot Analysis

    Papa is New Zealand’s national museum, it is situated on wellingtons stunning waterfront and is easily accessible due to taxi stands being right out the front. It also has an onsite pay and display carpark available for visitors. It is also a great conference and events location, it has 20 conference rooms available the smallest room being able to hold 8 people and the largest holding 500 plus people dependent on room layout. They can cater for all styled layouts like Banquet, cocktail,…

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  • Case Study: Continuity Of Operations And Fixed Assists

    local operations. You are constantly exploring opportunities to improve process that reduce errors and /or increase accuracy in Region 3. You attended two speaking engagements with our 1st Bureau Chief, one at the Police Academy and 2nd one was with Wells Fargo. You also accepted two other speaking engagements…

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  • My Cultural Background

    that is big in my family. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother’s Day and so on, we always have a big feast. In a way, food brings my family and I closer as we always bond over a meal. Growing up I loved helping my mom out in the kitchen. Almost 20 years old and I still love to sit in the kitchen to either watch or help my mother make food. I cannot wait to have my own family, to teach and make memories with my children in the kitchen. Without food and get together that my family have, we…

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  • Border 2020 Project Analysis

    prepare both the U.S and Mexico for environmental response, and stewardship. The Border 2020 project was created under the La Paz (The Peace) agreement in 1983 . Building off the border 2012 project, the latest edition will break into a two year plan, conquering each goal. The E.P.A and SEMARNAT, as well as other local governments, encourage the community to be actively involved. Project responsibilities are broken down into 3 networks. The first network being the Regional Workgroups. In…

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  • Appalachi A Sub-Cultural Analysis

    Throughout this course we’ve examined Appalachia as a separate and distinct region within the United States. The question of whether it’s a subculture or a colony is rather muddy at best. The Oxford Dictionary defines subculture as: “A cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture”. While this is true of Appalachia to some degree, the problem lies within its geographical area and the large number of subcultures that live in…

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  • Regionalism In Canada

    Regionalism is a complex ideology, as it is dependent on the definition of region. Defining region has become a daunting task by many in the political science community. For this paper, Cochrane and Perrella’s (2012) definition of region “as the physical space surrounding an individual,” and regionalism “as an affective attachment to the people, places and institutions within a geographic area,” will be used. By defining in such a way, Cochrane and Perrella account for the possibility of change…

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  • Regional Collaborative Structure

    impact on governance structures) required time and effort to shift perceptions that this is a practical option. Regionalisation was described poignantly by one interviewee as a way to “centralise where [the sector] must and distribute where they can” in order to mobilise capability better. To do so, DHBs within each region need to cooperate with one another because as one interviewee so directly put it, “[we are] short of money and workforce and we need to simplify and establish a foundation as…

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