Welfare fraud

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cheating The Welfare System

    Needless to say, the loopholes of the system makes things hard to keep people honest. Many Americans were very unhappy with the welfare system. The outsiders, not receiving welfare, believe and know some individuals who are abusing the system by not applying for jobs, having more children to receive more benefits, and staying unmarried so they can qualify for greater benefits (U.S.). It is no surprise that Americans believe it is so easy to abuse the system. Some say it is as easy to benefit up to sixty-nine thousand dollars paid by the working class on top (Hickford). The only way to catch the frauds and cheats of welfare is to report them when people see it happen. The only hard part is to find the right support of these frauds. By support,…

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  • Feeding America Study

    In fact welfare was viewed as “an unjust system that extended special favors to undeserving minorities at the expense of ‘America’s working families’.” (Marchevsky and Theoharis 15). The biggest supporters of welfare reform viewed “blacks and nonwhite immigrants” as “freeloaders and threats to the national community.” (Marchevsky and Theoharis 16). Nonwhite recipients who received benefits were not only viewed as a threat but they were also denied welfare benefits altogether because at one time…

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  • The Importance Of Food Stamp Reform

    was up to the rim and there was nothing in his buggy that could make a decent meal. Many people look at food stamps to be a wonderful program. However, I believe the food stamp program needs to be reformed, showing it has high cost, fraud and is unlimited. Food stamps, also known as Supplemental Nutrition…

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  • Arguments Against Misusing Welfare

    Misusing Welfare Gary L. Francione stated that “Welfare reforms and the whole “happy” exploitation movement are not “baby steps.” They are big steps–in a seriously backward direction.”(Good Read Quotes).Two people could go in the welfare office and one could come out and have a check, foodstamps and more, while the other would be denied(Morrison). This is what happened to Tenisha and her family of five kids who are sitting at home thinking about what they’ll eat tomorrow and the rest of the…

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  • Welfare Argumentative Essay

    go to the welfare office and see what you're eligible for. They say they’ll give you a comfortable amount of money so you agree and go home where you have and begin to raise your baby. Eighteen months later one of your friends on welfare tells you they give you more money if you have more kids, “Why do you think I have four?” she asks you. Fast forward ten years, now imagine you’re in the grocery store standing behind a woman with four kids who are dressed to the nines, the family is buying all…

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  • Argument Against Welfare Testing

    Studies support the assertion that applicants for welfare are no more likely to have substance abuse issues than are the general public. Moreover, problems that have arisen with drug testing results due to faulty testing and results. According to Pollack, et al, “Suspicionless, population-based chemical testing of welfare recipients will detect some “true positives” who are drug-dependent, a greater number of “accidental positives” with complex psychological problems, and a larger group of…

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  • Origins Of Bolsa Familia

    political leadership in Brazil remained highly disorganised and Brazil did not establish a coherent state until 1930, over a hundred years after their independence (Haggard and Kaufman: 2008). Brazil has a long history of developmentalism. Critical realignments in Brazil’s social welfare was characterised by challenges to the…

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  • The Importance Of Social Welfare

    The explanation of why more money cannot be given to social welfare is an unreasonable one, while the program that is in place is barely helping people that really need it. Our government, as we know it appears to be in a fragile state. If the picture we see is correct, then how are we able to help other countries, but not our own citizens who are also homeless, hungry, and without proper job training ? Giving $320 a month to individuals who do not have anything and expecting them to make…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Do We Need Drug Testing For Welfare

    say my aunt abuses Welfare. Now knowing that it kind of bugs me that people out there can get away with using public assistance to live off and never lift a finger when the normal person wakes up every morning to earn their money. After some research and discussions with my father I believe that people applying for government assistance “ Welfare” should be screened or drug tested. Liberal believe that we should not be drug testing welfare users. They feel like drug testing for welfare will…

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  • Mama Bear Artifact Analysis

    My artifact was a small video called “Mama Bear”. The Mama Bear video is from a web site that is called “feedingamericasd.org”. The video is a little more than one minute and we watched some of it with my group. Then I shared with my group what I know about the video and the organization. I have one more artifact that I picked up from the San Diego County office when I went there to social welfare assignment. It was a little pamphlet called 211 San Diego. The organization Feeding America San…

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