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  • Wellington Civic Square Analysis

    3) Wellington Civic Square was designed in based on a brief of a new development of civic centre. It involved three Wellington architectural firms to work on a concept plan. Ian Athfield was the dominant force during the development stage. He later on became directly involved in the Civic Square design (Niven 32-33). Sir Ian Athfield was an architect born in Christchurch, 15th July 1940 and passed away on 16th January 2015 at the age of 75. When Athfield was a young man he became very interested in the strong local brutalism architecture of Miles Warren, Maurice Mahoney, Peter Bearen and others. During his study in Auckland University, European architects hugely influenced him, such as the famous Modernism…

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  • Te Papa Swot Analysis

    Papa is New Zealand’s national museum, it is situated on wellingtons stunning waterfront and is easily accessible due to taxi stands being right out the front. It also has an onsite pay and display carpark available for visitors. It is also a great conference and events location, it has 20 conference rooms available the smallest room being able to hold 8 people and the largest holding 500 plus people dependent on room layout. They can cater for all styled layouts like Banquet, cocktail,…

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  • Airport Observation Essay

    In Plane Sight: An Observational Analysis of Behaviour at the Airport I undertook two non-participant observations at Wellington airport over a period of two weeks. The intention was to observe the behaviour and customs people exhibited when they were not in an environment that was customary and potentially unsettling. I had also expected to take notice of things I hadn’t perceived before as when you are part of the crowd, it’s often harder to take notice of the behaviours and interactions of…

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  • Mac's Brewbra Function Center Case Study

    There is 40 full time staff working at all times which means their catering is really good, they are one of the only places in Wellington which offers a hungi for food and has a restaurant in the building. The 2 rooms on the ground floor are Makaro and Gallery Space and the first floor holds 2 rooms, the Matiu and Mokopuna room, each room can do all layouts but cocktail (the café can do that) and the biggest room can cater for 250 people. All 5 rooms have automatic heating and natural lighting,…

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  • Case Study: The Telecom Building, Wellington

    The Telecom Building, Wellington I have chosen the (Old) Telecom Building in Wellington as my study of Wellington buildings. The reason why I have made this selection is because of my curiosity. The way this building appeals to me and attracts me in is its strange green façade exterior, hooked my eyes every time I walk pass Manners Street. The Telecom Building is located at 13 – 27 Manners Street, Te Aro, Wellington. After a quick online search, it was very easy to find out that the building…

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  • Denver Public Art Case Study

    Denver’s best art isn’t locked up in museums or galleries, but it can be found in all our local communities, recreation centers, libraries, schools, parks and public building all throughout Denver. With new art work being added each year, Denver’s diverse art can stimulate any mind despite their age group. Creating a city that people will remember when they visit. Competing with the greatest such as Paris, New York, places known for art fueling their cities and communities because people…

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  • Wellington Academy Knights: A Short Story

    We were gazing up at the stars, congratulating ourselves on our latest victory for the Wellington Academy Knights. It had been a tough game, my muscles were sore with exhaustion, but burning for more domination. I was startled when Bash stiffened and his tone became serious and quiet while he said, “I need a favor from you. You have to promise me that...if for some reason...I can’t be here for Juliette...you have to promise that you’ll take care of her, for me. It’s just...you’re the only guy I…

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  • The Importance Of Tourism In Wellington City In New Zealand

    Wellington city in New Zealand has recently expanded its point of interests and increased its tourism potential. Being the capital city of New Zealand it embraces not only urban tourism but other features that make it more distinct then other cities. Wellington utilises combinations of different tourist ideas to increase the interest shown in it by tourists. This is shown by the significant growth of tourist activity in Wellington over the past decade. The total amount of international visitors…

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  • The Battle Of Waterloo And Its Impact On Europe

    The Duke of Wellington has held a banquet in honor of the tremendous victory for his officers since 1815 and it is still held today thats about two hundred years and the banquet is still being held today , this shows how significant of a win this was for the other countries in Europe. Not only this but the Battle of Waterloo actually made “brittan rise among many of the other countries, she enlarged her navy, her commerce, and her colonies during this period. After Waterloo, Britain stood on…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: The Power Of Black Lives Matter By Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

    A renowned poet and social critic, Darryl Lorenzo Wellington originally published “The Power of Black Lives Matter” in The Crisis in 2015. In Darryl Lorenzo Wellington’s article “The Power of Black Lives Matter,” he argues that the Black Lives Matter movement has helped bring to the forefront the uncomfortable truth about race and class in the United States of America. He makes it clear that racism is still present in today’s society and that Black Lives Matter will help make this problem more…

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