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  • Personal Narrative: Veterans Day Assembly

    memorable. When I was younger,I wasn't the most tamed child, I had a tendency of getting into mischief. I Even once received ten minutes on the wall for getting into trouble. Time on the wall also meant how long you got held from recess. It was anywhere from stealing a pencil, to going onto the forbidden Monkey Bars. One day I went a little too far, and got twenty minutes on the wall. The whole second grade knew about the little scene I created in at the assembly. This all started with a Veterans Day Assembly. The loud roar of the class hushed as the teacher pranced into the room. The loud clinks of her tall heels made their way into the front of the class. “ Today is the veterans Assembly class, therefor we will be announced into the auditorium very shortly.” Mrs. Mitchell spoke to us while a sprinkler of saliva sprayed at the front row of students, unluckily I was on the front row. BEEP, “Room 22, please quietly make your way into the auditorium.” The entire class lifted their chairs and attempted to carry them to the assembly as required. Our fragile…

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  • Personal Narrative: Spring Formal Dance At Phoenix High School

    Back to the Past The upcoming week is Spring Formal Dance at Phoenix High School. Students are passing notes, asking their crushes to the dance. Some students test their limits to go big, making posters saying, “Would you go to Spring Formal with me?”, and buying bouquets or chocolates or candy; who would ever say, “no” to that. Grace and her squad; Mason, Daisy, Olivia, and Maya; planned to walk together into the assembly. The assembly was authorized to inform the students about the Spring…

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  • Masculinity Definition Essay

    Redefining masculinity, particularly the self-control element, through status updates, my focal-follow admits to his social vulnerability which he attempts to combat using inspirational quotes. Power along with control intricacies form the basis for my focal-follow’s warrior digitally mediated identity that helps him overcome emotional implications resulting from harsh societal circumstances. Focusing on the stressors that trigger depressive and suicidal thoughts, my focal follow integrates talk…

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  • The Role Of Rhiannon From The First Branch Of The Mabinogi

    Today the character of Rhiannon from the First Branch of the Mabinogi is considered to be a strong female lead in the Celtic Literature. However, her role within the story is not so clear-cut and much of her power and influence within the text is determined by her ethereal nature. In order to examine the important of Rhiannon’s divinity, it is necessary to understand how the concept of a sovereignty goddess and Otherworld ruler combine to create a position whereby Rhiannon both improves upon and…

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  • The Fray's Song How To Save A Life

    Isaac Slade, Joe King, Ben Wysocki, and Dave Welsh make up the popular rock/ pop band The Fray. With their first album, How to Save a Life, this band appeared on everyone’s radar. The Fray’s song “You Found Me” appeared on the band’s second album, The Fray. Eight months after the release of The Fray’s second album, the band released a music video for “You Found Me.” This song could have several meanings depending on different points of views. Many interpretations of the lyrics in this song…

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  • Essay On Irish Potato Famine

    Devastating and Drastic, the Irish Potato Famine changed Ireland in a variety of ways. Farmers and regular people were starving to death due to the lack of healthy potatoes. The people in Ireland were extremely dependent on potatoes and when the blight came the economy went down. As the fungus spread throughout the country, people began to lose their main source of food. Since the people in Ireland depended on the potato, it made the population cripple with the lack of a healthy food. The Irish…

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  • The Role Of Morgan Le Fay Changed In Vita Merlini And King Arthur?

    Morgan le Fay is one of the Arthurian Legends and is known for being an evil enchantresses and a witch. Morgan le Fay’s legend goes that she is the half-sister of King Arthur. Morgan le Fay uses her lover, Accolon to steal King Arthur’s sword when this plan does not go as accordingly she throws the sword into the lake. Morgan le Fay is also considered a healer because in Vita Merlini by Geoffrey Monmouth she heals King Arthur’s wounds from the last battle of Calman but the only way that she can…

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  • Trainspotting Essay

    a swingeing attack on ‘being Scottish’” (2002: 172) Renton takes this opportunity to give his views on being Scottish and of the effects of post-colonialism. There is an emphasis on the political as Edinburgh is the setting of which the film is set, reflecting the poor living conditions as a result of Thatcherism. Ashby and Higson state, “The years of Thatcherism (1979-1990) in Britain paradoxically offered a plethora of films that challenged long held and insular values concerning British…

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  • Gender And Violence In The Mabinogi Literary Analysis

    enchanted gifts. Rhiannon’s status also claims to exhibit the lack of recognitions for women and that she ultimately seems to bring in the idea that even though she still withholds a presence as a result of her banishment. This eventually creates the disheveled amount of respect that eventually forms in the creation of her new self. Despite her original self-appearing confident and proud of her abilities, her actions still exemplified the weakness of supposed “womanhood” and surrenders to the…

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  • Analysis Of Danny Boyle's The Auteur Theory

    and speed of the journey that cinema can provide". He described the film as "intelligent entertainment", meaning that it doesn't patronise audiences and there's an agenda behind the film if they want to look for one. He, John Hodge and producer Andrew MacDonald all wanted the film to be a partnership of 3 performers. They didn't approach one major star because they thought the audiences would all be concentrating on that one person. To prepare for the film, Boyle…

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