Personal Narrative: Spring Formal Dance At Phoenix High School

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Back to the Past
The upcoming week is Spring Formal Dance at Phoenix High School. Students are passing notes, asking their crushes to the dance. Some students test their limits to go big, making posters saying, “Would you go to Spring Formal with me?”, and buying bouquets or chocolates or candy; who would ever say, “no” to that.
Grace and her squad; Mason, Daisy, Olivia, and Maya; planned to walk together into the assembly. The assembly was authorized to inform the students about the Spring Formal Dance. All but one of Grace’s Squad walked towards the gym where the assembly is adhered. Mason was hiding in Lab Room A, panicking because he had planned to ask Grace to the dance during the assembly. Mason talked to himself, saying, Grace is going to be so amazed when I give her these flowers. White rose is her favorite, right? But what if someone
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It’s a private, important conversation between me and Grace.”
Mason says “I don’t trust you being alone with Grace.”
Grace says, “Maybe later we can talk Lucas. After I calm down, come Maya and Mason lets go get some Dutch Bros.” Mason and Maya walks Grace down the hallway with Grace in the middle. But Lucas didn’t give up, he begged Grace to give her five minutes to explaining. Grace was getting a headache, too much thoughts were going through her mind. The dance is coming up, she still needs to find the perfect shoes for her dress, waiting for Mason to ask her for the dance, trying to set up dates for Daisy, Olivia, and Maya; and now Lucas wanting five minutes of her time to explain her why he asked her to the dance. Grace was getting weak on her knees.
Lucas says, “If you wouldn’t give me five minutes then I’ll steal them.” Grace turns around in confusion of what Lucas was saying. Lucas runs towards Grace, picking her up over his shoulders and carries her to Lab Room A; which is three to four corners away. Lucas ran pretty fast especially having Grace over his shoulder. Lucas out runned Maya and

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