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  • Identity Crisis Essay

    The ‘silence’ that surrounds the Bengal Partition is qualified by Ashis Nandi as a ‘psychological defence’ (xii).He argues that the educated, urbane people who were dazzled by the scope of two brand new states banished the memories of Partition and decided to conduct the affairs of the new states on the ruins of the past: armed with the fragile defensive shield of anti-memories. It is important to note here how the different classes responded to Partition in different ways. Bengal Partition conjured two very different kinds of realities for the migrants of East and West Bengal. The political instability post independence – the kind of security promised to Muslim Bengalis this side of the border and Hindu Bengalis at that side differed both in speech and practice – made the refugee crisis on both side of the border difficult to deal with. For East Bengalis it became a long life of uncertainty; of endless effort to combat hunger, disease, homelessness and unemployment. Their narrative became very distinct from people who migrated to West Bengal: their primary concern being loss of a specific class identity and the crisis of homelessness. In the nostalgic sentiment of the migrants of East Bengal there exists universally the notion of losing…

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  • East India Company Case Study

    Civil Jurisdiction- The Supreme Court had original jurisdiction in all civil cases restricted to the following persons in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa: The British subjects residing in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, the East India Company or any other person directly or indirectly in the service of the Company, any of the Majesty’s subjects who either resided or held property in the provinces of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, the Mayor and Alderman of Calcutta, any other inhabitant of Bengal, Bihar or Orissa…

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  • Analysis Of The Skeleton By Rabindranath Tagore

    Rabindranath Tagore, born on May 7th, 1861- died 7th Aug 1941, is one of the foremost literary figures of India. He majorly wrote in Bengali as he came from a feudal Aristocratic family of Bengal, although, most of his works have been translated into English and various languages worldwide. He is the first Non-European to win the Noble Prize for Literature in 1913. Tagore’s prime emphasis was seen revolving around the secluded domestic lives of women. In his short stories and novels he depicts…

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  • Maria Zadie Smith Biography

    maintained the highlighting and mentioning a note wherever it had extra something that received my attention. I am sure, there are many places I highlighted or did write the note, if I try to cite them this could go a long way, I know her write up deserves a separate article. Tanwi should be branded a matchless to any writer from New York City, even she did compete the Brooklyn of NYC! which is absolutely an addition to American literature, I believe. The way she followed the descriptions…

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  • Hu The Tiger Research Paper

    Zen Assignment Hu (the Tiger) Tigers are one of the biggest cats to roam the earth. The most commonly found species of tigers, has been aptly named as the ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’ – as they don an orange fur and are covered in black stripes, making them one of the most majestic animals to grace the wild. Tigers are known to be cautious and diligent while hunting their game, and hunt only once in a few days. The royal animal perfectly symbolizes going out there once in a while, giving their…

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  • Flood In Bangladesh Essay

    available in the upper ocean waters (Karim and Mimura 2008). The potential loss of life in low-lying areas was seen as the consequence of the 1970 Bhola cyclone that traveled northward through the Bay of Bengal, producing a 12-m-high wall of water that drowned a half million people in Bangladesh (Fitzgerald et al. 2008). The cyclone, which struck Bangladesh on the night of 29-30 April, 1991, was particularly severe, causing widespread damage, killing 138,882 people and causing damage in excess…

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  • Tiger Symbolism

    To start off, I came up with the idea of a tiger as the head, as it is a national symbol, and it is the national animal of Malaysia. While the tiger also indicates bravery and agility in the Malaysian culture. Whereas, I used the orangutan because it is indigenous in the island of Borneo which includes parts of Malaysia. However, the orangutan is often seemed to show happiness and fun. Moreover, I used the Malayan tapir, because it is indeed a unique creature, due to the fact it almost resembles…

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  • Exotic Animals Are Not Pets Essay

    Exotic animals are not pets. Would you like to have a snake crawling through your house? Or a jaguar lying on your couch waiting to bother with you and then attack? Titi monkeys, lemurs, seahorses, great green macaws, white bengal tigers, scorpions, and crocodiles are only some of the large list of animals that live with people and share their day to day life. They are kept as regular pets, even if they are not happy, safe or obtained legally. Therefore, people should not be allowed to…

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  • Endangered Tiger Essay

    sure to become extinct. Save China's Tigers is an organization trying a unique way to save this tiger. Chinese Tigers living in zoos lose their ability to hunt and survive in the wild. While tigers are not naturally found in Africa, Save China's Tigers is taking Chinese tigers out of zoos in Asia and bringing them to a South African Tiger reserve, the Tiger Moon Sanctuary, to train them to be rewilded, so that they can learn how to hunt and survive in the wild. The hope is eventually the tigers…

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  • Bengal Tiger Research Paper

    Jessica Capponi Human Ecology Mr. McCoy November 10, 2015 Bengal Tiger Tigers are the leaders of the food chain in the wild. The Bengal Tiger resides mainly in India and has smaller populations in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Myanmar. Living in dry and wet forests, grasslands, etc, the Bengal tiger, also known as the Indian Tiger, is the largest member of the cat family as well as the most powerful and dangerous. Male tigers weigh up to 488 pounds and females weigh up to 308 pounds,…

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