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  • 6 Cs Of Health Care Attachment Report

    courses that may be necessary to develope and enhance my knowledge. I am proffesional and trustworthy and capabale of cross checking volumes for drugs before administation. I have knowledge and experinec of cross checking to ensure the safe practice of others and myself. I would find it my responsibilty to make a differnace in the wastage of chemotheropy drugs.Most iportantly being approciable, friendly and smiley is importnat to me, to ensure patients feel at eaise wghen collecting their prescriptions. I have the ability to work under pressure, as well as be ale to problem solve. Time managment is also important to me along with being organised . I have a wide variety of experience from 10 week placement on ward 18 to district nursing in West kirby. I would love to be considered for interview to share my experience with you. I feel I am perfect for this job and would thrive in this role. I have a kind, caring nature and want to achieve. I would like to be apart of improving care within the NHS. As i have studied the Acess course i understand the importnace of infection control, equality and diversity and safegaurding.In my Access course i did many modules that have helped me prepare for working in this…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Marvel Vs Dc

    Marvel takes on Dc When it comes to superheroes there would be only two series that would come to the mind of any human that takes an interest in them. Those two series are marvel which represents the characters such as the incredible Hulk, Iron man, and Captain America, but Dc Comics which represents Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Fans of the two series invest money, time and attention into these topics just off the character alone. Even though it may not seem like it, there are…

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  • Comparison Of DC And Marvel

    DC and Marvel are the biggest names in the comic industry. With multiple comic lines and universes and an abundance of characters. The comics are limitless, however the movie universe is a different story. Whether you are an avid comic reader or not, and with numorous movies under each comic giant, you may have seen at least one or even multiple movies. Like with great empires, one clearly triumphs over the other. With that in mind, this so called 'war ' between the great powers in the comic…

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  • Change In College

    Throughout your life, you are constantly changing. One such time in your life where change is most prevalent is college. College is one of the most important times in your life as it is when you work towards what want to do in your future. It is also a time where many people change and find out who they truly are. I have not been to college long enough to really find myself, but I have seen myself changing. Since starting college at Lakeland, I have noticed that I have become more independent,…

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  • Analysis Of Female Superheroes

    There is saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This idiom means that a picture can explain a whole story. In this situation, this quote does apply; however, the picture does not explain a story, but picture explains is body type. In discussions of A-Force, some have said that the female characters on the cover are portrayed too pornographically. A hero in particular was mentioned in many articles about her body type: She-Hulk. She-hulk of the big green woman on the cover of A-Force is…

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  • Marvel's Impact On American Culture

    During the Golden Age, it was not uncommon for a single comic book issue to sell over one million copies. A popularity spike of comic books started mostly during World War II. Marvel and DC comics were the most favored. Marvel was created in 1939, and was known as Timely Comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Spider-Man and Wolverine are the most well-known heroes from Marvel. DC Comics also known as Detective Comics, were founded in 1935, by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. Comic books impacted…

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  • Mitty Blake Heros

    Superman, Supergirl, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Spiderman. These are all heros, and they have done a plethora of things to gaian that significant title. Mitty Blake, the main character in Code Orange a fiction novel by Caroline B. Cooney, wanted to be on that list of heros. When readers met Mitty Blake, he was sixteen year old living in New York City who cared about nothing but music, his school work was never done nor did he even know what it was. Mitty Blake was writing a report on viruses…

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  • Advantages And Limitations Of The Media

    Medium • What medium or media does the communication take advantage of?  The advantage of this advertisement is it has a well know character known as the Hulk from the popular Marvel franchise. Also it helps kids who see this advertisement lose the fear of getting hurt since their favorite character also gets hurt. • What are the strengths and limitations of the media used?  The strengths of the advertisement are that people that who watch the Avengers and read the Marvel Incredible Hulk…

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  • Ethos: A Character Analysis

    When given the task of creating both a whole new superhero and comic script, I was shocked by the amount of control and creativity I would have throughout the process. Creating my own personal hero is what excited me most as a writer, although I realized how hard it is to truly be original in the world of comics. Since Superman’s grand debut in 1938 it would seem as though every superpower has been thought of. The “roadblock” of creating an original hero pushed my creativity and lead to my…

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  • Postmodernism

    1. INTRODUCTION In the 21st century there was an emerging movement of art Postmodernism (Palmer 2014). Postmodernism was derived from its predecessor modernism (Palmer 2014). Palmer (2014) stated that postmodernism has too many complex ideologies and cannot be defined. Nevertheless, there was a claim by Nicolas Bourriaud that postmodernism has ended and divided to post-postmodernism (Altermodern 2009). The following essay will contrast against Bourriaud’s claim. It will provide brief historical…

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