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  • Johannes Brahms Symphony 2 Analysis

    an A5 down a half-step to a G#5 back up a half-step to a A5 before descending in an arpeggio, then ascending up to D6, and then moving back down stepwise in a turning motif. The lower neighbor motif was first presented in the Primary area in mm. 1-2 in the cellos and basses (D-C#-D-A), and is expanded now in the transition. The flutes play the melody in m. 48, which is an echo of what the violins previously played, and involves the same lower neighbor and turning motifs. However, the melody turns higher than the first phrase, reaching up to F#6 before descending stepwise. The horns and clarinet in A join in at m. 50 with an ascending third and descending whole steps. The violins once again have the melody at a higher register in m. 52, starting on E6, as if about to start a third phrase. Then, in m. 53, the second violin imitates the beginning of the phrase at G5. The flute and oboe follow at m. 54 at the same pitch (E) as the first violins, except that the oboe is doubled an octave lower. The bassoons and low strings follow suit at m. 55 at the same pitch (G) as the second violins, but two octaves lower. At the start of rehearsal letter A, the flutes and oboes have the melody, repeating what the violins had just…

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  • Fate In Thursday's Child

    One of the many themes explored in Thursdays Child is Fate. Sometimes people are deliberately cruel for no reason. In Thursday’s Child Mam says about Da, ‘Life’s not been deliberately cruel to him. Life isn’t like that, only people are’. The novel Thursdays Child shows the hard ship in life during the depression, and it also shows how people that are good to you can be unfair. During the novel, Sonya Hartnett explores the negative effects of desperation, showing greed and crime. Vandery Cable…

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  • Death Of A Salesman Illusion Vs Reality

    preventing him from achieving success. In this essay I will argue that the idea of illusions contradicting the reality of Willy Loman is portrayed with the help of three motifs; the stockings, Ben, and the flute. Firstly, the motif of stockings, a representation of Willy's affair and the resultant guilt, creates the theme of reality vs. illusions. The stockings are identified as a motif…

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  • Orchestra Compensation

    The pay levels within an orchestra vary quite a bit in terms of compensation for instrument. Orchestra performers all play the same role. Performers who are experienced with an instrument, rather in front of a live audience or not, are needed for their ability to play specific instruments for entertainment to those who wish to hear their talent. Performance per instrument appears to be on a need basis. A violin concert master is compensated with a fee of $6,970. Low on the totem pole is of…

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  • Illuminations Concert Report

    General Reaction: The concert I attended entitled “Illuminations” was located at the Sottile Theatre, an old historical building on the College of Charleston campus. The theatre was very nice and elegant. The decor there is very eclectic with bright red carpeting throughout and classical pictures decorating the walls. I felt like I was in an old plantation house. We arrived at the theatre thirty minutes early and were able to take in the sights completely before the concert began. My wife…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Mom's Love For Family

    When people think of their mothers some think of memories, traits, or even looks. When I think about my mom I think about her work ethic, her love for family, and her constant support. My mom is one of the hardest working people I know. She never gives up and would always tell my siblings and me to do the same. One memory I have of her is all the many times she would be up late sitting in the dim glow of her laptop working on her masters degree. It took her 2 long years and many late nights…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Musical Identity

    guarantee of musicianship.’ It is hardly possible to live without hearing music in daily life, and people has been building musical identity since they are born by negotiating through it. Thus, music is a significant matter in personal identity and analysis of one’s life can reveal one’s musical identity. This essay will demonstrate the analysis of my musical identity based on my life. In order to make it clear, my life is divided into four parts: from kindergarten to elementary school, junior…

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  • How Children Succeed By Paul Tough Character Analysis

    When I was a child, I was addicted to orchestral music, and I loved the sound from the flute. I think the flute performs the most wonderful music in the world. Afterward, I started to learn how to play the flute. Producing a sound from the flute can be a little tricky, so you should practice the correct blowing method first before you attempt to play any specific notes, and that’s also why I need more time to practice performing the flute. I spent two hours on practicing the flute a day, and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Allstate

    to us. It 's hard to articulate the crushing feeling of rejection that comes with a botched audition, when the numbers don 't add up as high as they should and the boxes are filled with helpful comments that only show how big a screw-up it was. I would know, because I 've tried - and failed - to get into Allstate three years in a row. Even though I am also a vocalist, I 've always auditioned as on my flute. With good reason, the hardest instrument to get in for is violin, but the flute comes…

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  • Essay On Orchestra

    In today’s society we are easily accompanied by a band and less by an orchestra. Many people believes that a band and an orchestra is merely alike. This assumption is due to similar musical instruments, but in all reality an orchestra is a more advanced and diverse group with a very different sound. This specific group gives off the sound of classical music and is usually performed at a concert or a classical event. The orchestra deprived its name from the Greek word "orcheisthai," which means…

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