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  • Syrian Civil War Causes

    Most people have heard the Syrian Civil War being discussed almost daily on practically every information outlet, but do they know what the specific causes which provoked this terrible crisis in the Middle East were? Since this is such a hot topic, it is essential to know the origins of the rebellious uprisings overseas which have threatened and seized countries, governments, and humans worldwide. There are many conflicting and complementary arguments that surround the true cause of the unrest within the middle east that resulted in the Arab Spring Movement and the ongoing Syrian Civil War. The question is, which views of this issue are true? The most agreed upon theory is that middle region leaders and protesters rebelled against their respective governments, because they believed they were not being represented by their leaders. The people wanted to receive more freedom than what was being given, but the eastern governments did not respect this view. Since these two groups could not see eye to eye, the people of eastern countries decided to rise up against their governments and fight for their freedom. The fight for freedoms first began in Tunisia in December 2010. Non-violent protests, violent protests, riots, and civil wars would soon plague the entire Arab nations and surrounding countries. These demonstrations had one main goal; fight against oppressive rules in hopes to gain basic human liberties and freedoms. The Arab Spring Movement lasted for the entire spring…

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  • Arab Oil Embargo

    Israel and its supporters, mainly the United States, are seen as an extension of colonialism. In the Middle East, European colonialism obliterated Arab sovereignty through its political and economic takeover (Alnasrawi 7). The epicenter of this perceived encroachment of Arab autonomy by the West was found in the Jewish state of Israel. The colonial legacy of the British and the French occupations in the Middle East led to the perception of Israel as another imperial force that would infringe…

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  • Essay On Russian Power

    Russia Emerges Once a strong world power, Russia is beginning to re- emerge as a political and economical power. The beginning of Russia’s re-emergence began in the early 90s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia has taken many necessary measures to regain the power they once attained. 1. What are the Eastern Partnership initiative and the Eurasian Economic Union? Why are they contentious? The Eastern Partnership initiative gives the Eastern European countries access to the Western…

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  • Cultural Diffusion

    group to another, this includes the mixing of cultures through advancements in communication, technology, and transportation. Modern day countries such as the United States, Russia, as well as regions of Asia and the Middle East have roots in different cultures they have come in contact with. The structures of these regions have come from a history of global interactions which have brought them to the state they are in presently. Interactions between cultures have ultimately, shaped the world in…

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  • The Adaptation Of The Middle East, Asia, And Africa

    The Adaptation of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa to the Divided World of the Cold War From 1945 to 1962 the number of nations on Earth quadrupled to around 200. These agrarian nations, emerging from colonialism, were forced to adapt to a world influenced by the Cold War and dominated economically by the United States and the Soviet Union. In an attempt to adapt to the divided world of the Cold War, the elites in these newly independent countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa came to…

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  • Leninger's Transcultural Care Theory

    Asian is comprised of a large group spanning from Turkey to Japan. Differences of their beliefs and culture depend on the geographic location. East Asia is considered the region with the highest number of aging adults that are prone to pain related to age. Asian culture approaches healing from pain and other ailments with an approach different than Western Medicine. Asians hold the mind, body and soul to high regard with treatment. They use herbal, oils, massage, coining, and acupuncture as…

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  • Cultural Differences In Europe And South West Asia

    In the world today, we see so many events happening that sometimes we do not know why they occur. In the western side of the world we see people living in more developed countries such as the United States and Europe. As in the eastern side there are countries that are a lower developed countries for example South west Asia and south Asia. To have a comparison between two countries that I will be explaining about are Europe and South West Asia. Those two regions have a lot of differences in…

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  • Essay On The Gunpowder Revolution And Globalization

    Europeans saw a great need to improve their economy. This called for ways to get their products and services outside of their local area. Globalization was the key to improving the economy. Globalization is the process which allows an entwining of people and economies in the world. It began in the 15th century but still is present today. This wasn’t an easy task given the modes of transportation, culture differences, and language barrier. In the mid-15th century, Europe began to expand and…

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  • Remaing Yamato And SF Anime By Baryon Tensor Posadas

    significant tension. Initially, when Japanese anime was imported into foreign markets from 1970s to 1980s, the ethnic quality was perceived as “too Japanese” to the subject – the Western or American anime viewers. For example, Japanese names of characters or the titles of anime were perceived as too foreign by westerners: “analyses of anime typically read its visual and cultural practices as something culturally other.” In some occasion, these changes are made in order to avoid controversial…

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  • Before European Hegemony: The World System By Janet Abu-Lughod

    East, and Asia, and examining the roles of these regions in trade, production, innovation, and culture. With a discerning eye, Abu-Lughod picked apart existing research, analysis and…

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