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  • Justin Rhiannon Character Analysis

    there was an instant connection between the two of them. However, A showed that he could be very unreliable in the way that he would make promises he couldn’t keep. Providing that, A promised to Rihannon that he would come back to meet her at a cabin they had spent time at, but never returned; leaving her there waiting for a full day! “”I am going to come back tomorrow, I promise,’” A said. Obviously, A made promises he knew he couldn’t keep, demonstrating he is untrustworthy. Rhiannon did not react well to this situation, and it ended up being one of the downfalls of their relationship - that and the fact that he changed bodies every day! Character 2: “Rhiannon” Pisces Rhiannon, A’s love interest of the story, stuck out to me as the astrology sign Pisces. Rhiannon was just a regular high schooler until she found out A had one day taken over her boyfriend’s body Justin. Her and A stayed in touch and began to have feelings for each other, however, she still remained with Justin. These actions showed me that Rhiannon is indecisive and will hold on to relationships because of her fear of rejection against others - classic pisces! Staying with Justin specifically exposed Rhiannon’s mysterious and deceptive side. Justin may have not been the best boyfriend, but that is no reason to sneak around with someone else while remaining with him. In particular, on page 213, Rhiannon told A, “I love you,” yet she was still in a relationship with Justin! Not only is this showing the…

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  • Personal Narrative: It's In The Stars

    Last time, we talked a little bit about the houses in astrology and what they mean. (Also, if you go to that link, you’ll find the previous astrology lessons rounded up, as well.) This time, we’re going to go into a bit of a basic overview of the planets and more importantly, why we look at them. I think everyone’s seen the “It’s in the stars” statements or “What do your stars have to say?” And this has become the familiar thing- but, while yes, we do look at certain stars: it’s really all…

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  • How Is Purgatorio Related To Dante's Inferno?

    Libra, that fall from night’s hand, when the days shorten…” Dante seems to use the position of Libra to mark the relative length of the day rather than as some sort of prophetic sign. Later Dante says: “The sun, who had chased Capricorn from the height of heaven with his bright arrows, was shooting out the light on every side…” Dante uses the location of Capricorn to indicate the location of the sun. Dante always seems to use the Zodiac as part of the scientific sphere rather than the prophetic.…

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  • Rumpology Analysis

    Jacqueline Stallone, the sole rediscoverer of rumpology and the writer of the article “About Rumpology,” describes what rumpology is and how it works. According to Stallone, rumpology is a way for people to receive an understanding of their past and future life in personality characteristics through rump readings. Rumpology is the art of reading crevices, dimples, warts, lines, moles and much more of a client 's rump. For many people, this process can be describes as going to a psychic for a…

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  • Uncertainty In The Mind's Eye, By Oliver Sacks

    Only one thing will be certain in the future, and that is mystery. It is this very mystery, this uncertainty about the future that provokes the mind to anticipate and predict based off of previous experiences and encounters. The mere nature of uncertainty forces individuals to actively think and foresee outcomes that will shed light on the matter. In Oliver Sacks’s “The Mind’s Eye,” Sacks introduces blind individuals who seem to be able to interpret their worlds before actually interacting with…

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  • Astrology: The Zodiac Signs

    Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the twelve signs most people know about astrology. These signs are the 12 constellations of the zodiac. Astrology is the study of the correlation between the stars and the planets and its influence of human lives. The position of the Sun, stars, moon and planets at the time of people’s birth is perceived to shape their personality, affect their relationships, and predict their life. While…

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  • Example Of Astrology

    Astrology is now classified as pseudoscience yet people continue to adhere to old traditions. Many people still believe that a meticulously calculated birth chart holds all the secrets to their life. Astrology dictates that the placement of planets shape our destiny, whether it be good or bad. There is no way out of it, besides mantras, yogas, and sacrifice. You can only alleviate not resolve. “Placement of celestial objects” holds no ultimate authority of one 's future. It is a misconception…

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  • The Importance Of Astrology

    see a very small portion of the constellations around us, yet even in 3000 BC the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia was discovering mountains of knowledge about the world above them. It was then that the Babylonians discovered the twelve prominent constellations and created the basis of the zodiac calendar. Today astrology has been molded into an unwanted topic by botched horoscopes and a skeptic media. Astrology is labeled as pseudoscience, when it is actually just a symbolic language.…

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  • Astrology Is A Pseudoscience Essay

    Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events. Astrology is a study based off the position of the sun, stars, moon, and planets. This study involves observing the positioning of these celestial cosmos at the time of peoples’ births in belief that they will have an effect on their personalities, relationships, and economic fortunes. Astrology has been declared a pseudoscience by…

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  • Zodiac Legends

    resulted in astrology. It is important to know the beliefs have changed over time and how much they have evolved to fit the world's view on life. In order to know where the legends…

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