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  • Recreational Therapist

    A recreational therapist plans, directs,and coordinates treatments for people with disabilities, injuries, or illnesses. They do activities with the patience such as arts and crafts, music, dancing, aquatics, and also some sports. Recreational therapists work in places like hospitals, nursing facilities, retirement homes, etc. The qualities needed to be a recreational therapist are: social skills, listening abilities,and being able to instruct a person. A person whose strength is listening, would be good at this job. To become a recreational therapist a person needs to graduate with a bachelor 's degree and have some intern experiences. Recreational therapists get paid $42,280 a year, and $20 an hour. The amount of pay can also increase the longer a person is working. The given benefits of being a recreational therapist would be health insurance, retirement plans, vacation time, and life insurance. The best and most recommended place to be a recreational therapist happens to be in California. In California, there are more job opening and get paid higher than other states. The job projections for a recreational therapist increase faster than average, at 12%. The number of job availability changes but right now it lingers around 19,000. A benefit to this job centers around the flexibility. A person can work part time or full time and that can help with someone who has more than one job. They also have very flexible schedules and great hours. A person needs to be dedicated if…

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  • Personal Statement Of Purpose: A Career In College

    Introduction Ever since a child, I have been overwhelmed by the vast number of career options I could choose from, and have never been entirely sure what I wanted to become. I’ve always been curious; I like knowing how things work and why they work. I’d tinker with a computer or take toys apart to fix them or simply for fun. As time and I grew on, things haven’t changed very much. I still love figuring out how things work, and learning about technology. Once in middle school, I dreamed of…

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  • Gender Roles In Women's Sports

    American womanhood, fans only accepting athletes who meet the “white beauty queen” standard and athletic competition being seen as being a men’s activity. Before looking at why there is a contrast between the growth in the participation of women in athletics and the difference in popularity between women’s and men’s sports, it is useful to look at the contrast itself. The growth in women’s…

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  • The Great Train Robbery: Film Analysis

    Western’s a genre with a purpose For almost as long as the medium of filmmaking has existed so too has the Western first showcased in Edwin S. Porter film The Great Train Robbery. Though overall a simple film in retrospect the way in which it pushed the medium forward was revolutionary in containing a narrative. Cowboys are the initial American heroes of filmmaking which all others pull from; Westerns as a male focused genre the central genre trope of masculinity have been constructed on a…

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  • Comparison Of Stagecoach And The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

    The following essay will compare the cinematic language of the two Western classics Stagecoach (John Ford, 1939) and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Sergio Leone, 1966) while analyzing the claim that both film respectably are pioneers of the Western genre during their times proven on the basis of their original work in editing and narrative, and its influence on other filmmakers. After a brief summary of both movies, I will continue with the analysis of both, in particular with the formal…

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  • The Big Lebowski Film Analysis

    The brothers Joel and Ethan Coen and Wes Anderson are known for their distinctive visual and thematic styles of film making. Although their respective films The Big Lebowski and The Royal Tenenbaums both have a unique style all their own they do share a theme. This shared narrative motif is a nostalgic yearning for, or perhaps even obsession, with the past. In The Big Lebowski this obsession with the past can be seen at the very beginning of the film as we follow a tumbling tumbleweed, an iconic…

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  • The Searchers: Film Analysis

    coming from the back or the side of the main characters” (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014, section 6.4). Ultimately, the type of lighting has assessed the impact of high contrast and very deep shadows in many of the indoor/outdoor scenes to establish the western theme. ◦What are the benefits of the style of lighting used? The benefits of the lighting style used to enhance the hardness of life on the Western frontier, therefore, giving the movie viewers a real sense of the western time and its…

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  • The Searchers Book Vs Movie

    The Searchers is a “classic” western. It tells the story of Ethan Edwards who is accompanied by his nephew Martin Pawley and their five-year-long search to find his niece after she is captured and her family killed by the Comanche Indians. Little Big Man is a “revisionist” western. It tells the story of Jack Crabbe, a 121-year-old man asked to tell his story about his life, which includes being captured and raised by the Indians and living in a white society with a variety of jobs leading him to…

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  • The Big Movie Analysis

    Paul Chaat Smith’s essay “The Big Movie,” which appears in The Norton Mix, addresses the question of why western movies portray the American Indian in the manner they do. Smith, who is a member of the Comanche tribe, looks at western films from the perspective of Indians. He provides a brief history of the American western movie, along with historical information about how and why Indians appear as they do in movies. He concludes with the observation that unless they appear within what Smith…

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  • Yankee Liar Quotes

    Shane Quote: “I’ve heard you’re a low-down Yankee Liar” The tale of a gunfighter who, no matter how hard he tries, can’t escape trouble, Shane is the quintessential Western. A quiet movie overall, the final gunfight is sheer dynamite. Tense in built up and lightning fast in action, the 3-against-1 shootout is heart racing and iconic. The speed of the fight (gunfights then and now are typically quick affairs) keeps the scene grounded, as does Shane getting mortally wounded. The movie earns…

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