Comparison Of DC And Marvel

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DC and Marvel are the biggest names in the comic industry. With multiple comic lines and universes and an abundance of characters. The comics are limitless, however the movie universe is a different story. Whether you are an avid comic reader or not, and with numorous movies under each comic giant, you may have seen at least one or even multiple movies. Like with great empires, one clearly triumphs over the other. With that in mind, this so called 'war ' between the great powers in the comic world begins.

Let 's talk about how they are different. DC is darker and more appling to the people who may like the gritty storyline. This is definitely a comic line for the more mature of audiences. The darker theme may not appeal to everyone though.
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Marvel has been ahead of the game from the get go. They have had a plan from the beginning starting with iron man. From there they introdused us to Captain America and Thor, until finally the Avengers came out. That sent a whiler wind of movies from Marvel leaving DC in the dust of its success.

Marvels the Avengers made about $207 million on the opening weekend. Avengers is 3rd behind Jurassic World and Star Wars 7. Age of Ultron the second Avengers movie made about $191 million in the first weekend finishing 4th on the chart. DC 's Batman v. Superman made about $166 million on opening weekend, and that movie came in at 8th on the chart behind a few other Marvel movies.

Marvel knows how to bring in the audience as seen by those numbers, and that is just for the opening weekend. The numbers change and placement on the chart change if you look at life time earnings. Marvel can appeal to a bigger audience. DC requires a more mature aduience. This will limit the people they can reach. Marvel has a Beautiful storyline and puts together great movies with amazing
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Marvel has been able to bring in all sorts of people. The fandom has high hopes for future movies. For example, Doctor Strange, Gardians of the Galexy 2, and Thor Ragnarok. Marvel has been bringing in new charetures all while including an over arcing story leading up to the big fight in Avengers Infity Wars. Marvel is in no

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