Ms. Marvel Essay

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When asked to name a favorite superhero, countless people of all ages will quickly respond with Spider-Man. Peter Parker first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15, written by Marvel legend Stan Lee and illustrated by Steve Ditko in 1962, in an issue that explained the origin of his spider-based powers and his status as a misfit high school student fascinated by science. The art is made up of bright primary colors and thick, classic line work that makes the comic accessible and inviting to readers of all ages. The story contained within in the landmark issue, which includes the how the iconic death of Peter's Uncle Ben inspires him to become a hero and a better person with his new power, is well known and loved by people around the world. So what makes this specific hero …show more content…
Marvel is a recent and ongoing Marvel comic written by G. Willow Wilson and illustrated by Adrian Alphona. Just like Amazing Fantasy #15, Ms. Marvel is an origin story about a teenage superhero that tells of how Kamala Khan rises up to continue the legacy of Carol Danvers by becoming the new Ms. Marvel. Kamala is a 16 year old Pakistani-American who practices the Muslim faith with her immigrant parents and her older brother in Jersey City. She is a superhero fangirl and is gifted with powers that she has no idea how to use after she finds herself trapped in a mysterious fog while running away from an afterschool party where she did not fit in. Kamala must discover how to be comfortable as herself and balance the culture of her family and religion with the different and secular American culture that she is living in as a New Jersey teenager, all while learning how to use her powers to help a friend. The art of Ms. Marvel is whimsical with very bright colors, which showcases Kamala's youthfulness and nerdy goofiness. The line work is thin and fluid, which allows for the animated mobility of Kamala's shape-shifting powers, as well as comical and exaggerated facial expressions used to express

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