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  • Red Eye Film Analysis

    Red Eye is quite possibly my favorite non-slasher from Wes Craven. It's full of suspense, dread and in my opinion some of the best acting to come out of 2005. Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy carry this film on pure chemistry and intensely memorable performances that linger after viewing, coupled with Wes Craven's growth is a director which is very apparent when viewing this film so soon after some of his earlier works. I hadn't seen this film since the year it was released and was excited to revisit it, wondering if it would hold up and be as good as I remembered it. It was. Red Eye follows Lisa Reisert (Racheal McAdams) the acting manager of Lux Atlantic a prestigious hotel, catching the Red Eye flight back home after attending her grandmothers…

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  • The Influence Of Horror Films

    Key figures which greatly influenced the genre and by extension, society. When discussing about the success of a movie, one of the first reason that people can think about is the film director. Of course, actors and other people have put a lot effort to the movies, but the one, who have the most responsibility to the movie, is still the director. All the movie’s process, most likely is toward his direction. There are two famous directors of horror genre, who contributed so many valuable movies…

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  • Dystopian Societies In Brave New World, By James Demonaco

    These two dystopias are different for similar reasons in many ways. They both have government that want to see both societies happy and thriving. They might go about this in different ways, but they’re both trying to achieve a similar goal. They both use Freudian philosophy. Only Huxley uses his theory about people 's urge for sex, and Demonaco uses the theory for violence. Though these are similar themselves at the same time because both are Freudian theories and both discuss human urges. Freud…

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  • The Importance Of Alienation In The Time Machine By H. G. Wells

    The society of modern era is surrounded by alienation: nobody has a touch of communication in actual existence. All of them square measure alienated from one another and have lost the values of their culture. Alienation will be a sophisticated, still common condition. It's every scientific discipline and psychological and will have a sway on your health and irritate existing medical conditions. The researcher focuses on one among the various British commentators in this research, the most…

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  • Theme Of Conformity In Fahrenheit 451

    entertainment brainwashing. In addition, they all find Montag, who is trying to take a different path than the masses, to be alarming and dangerous. When Montag does not conform to the social standards and reads a book to Mildred and her friends, they reported him, proving the masses’ value of conformity in their society. Another character who has opposing views to the masses is Clarisse’s uncle, who knows a great deal about society before technology had taken over. He says “blow your nose on a…

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  • Brave New World Individualism

    Although taking one gramme of soma is harmful to the human body, Bernard indicates that he cares little about his health by taking two pills. Thus, he lives up to the society’s expectations because the ideal New World citizens are those who prioritize the government’s stability over their health. Though Bernard thinks he will never fit into this society, Huxley demonstrates that this corrupt society will find ways to unify everyone under one set of beliefs. In present-day society, people every…

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  • Colossus Movie Analysis

    The movie, Colossus: The Forbin Project, discussed the use of an artificial intelligence (A.I.) by the government and how it was contrary to humans’ expectations and decided to enslave humanity. Science and technology were found and invented by humans. In 1894, Guglielmo Marconi made the first radio; Now we have iPhone X. Our lives are full of science and technology. It is hard to not using them even if it is just a simple action like calling one’s friend. Some people may start to question…

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  • Analysis Of Utopia By Thomas More

    The idea of Utopia came about through Thomas More’s Utopia. More’s idea of his utopia society is where there is no class, everyone is of the same level and wears the same clothes except to distinguish between male and female. Everybody look the same, act the same and just practically doing the same thing everyday without any freedom to do things they want to or they would probably never wish to as they are expose to the outside world just in their own Utopia society. Furthermore, the housing and…

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  • Brave New World Perfect Society Essay

    Are “Perfect Societies” really perfect? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your whole life planned out for you? Since fertilization, the embryos in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World have already had their class and job picked out for them. This is an example the dystopian element of independent thought and freedom being restricted (Wright). Many utopian and dystopian elements can be found in the novel and movie, like technology controlling a community, citizens living happily…

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  • The Use Of Beatty's Speech In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

    Through the use of Beatty’s speech in the science fiction novel “Fahrenheit 451”, Ray Bradbury solidifies his initial emotions towards society, referring to it as a wretched species whose self-interest; specifically, the urge to fill every part of its emotional spectrum in order to feel fulfilled and happy comes to it at a great cost, that cost being the progression of the species as a whole and the information gained from the development we achieve. As Beatty tells Montag “What's the point of…

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