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  • Causes Of Revenge Essay

    These two trials relate in a number of ways and began as a result of many different factors including child accusations and a desire for revenge, and the outcomes of these cases are similar because of the children’s actions. To begin, it has been commonly stated that children have the tendency to not understand how seriously their words can be taken, and often fail to see the consequences in the heat of a moment. When the time arises that a possible punishment could come as a result of what the child has said or done, they will do anything to stay out of trouble. We see this characteristic as a similarity between the children involved in the Wenatchee Sex-Ring trials, and The Crucible. In, The Crucible, the judges were basing their accusations off of what the children had been saying, and the children had been playing games. Abigail began to point fingers at John Proctor’s wife, Elizabeth. John Proctor finds this extremely absurd because Elizabeth was now in risk of getting sent to jail because of the children and the fake rumors they had created. John Proctor shouted at the judges involved, asking them, “’ Why do you never wonder if Parris be innocent, or Abigail? Is the accuser always holy now? Were they born this morning as clean as God’s fingers?’” (Miller…

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  • What Is The Most Important Reason For Going To College

    The Most Important Reason for Going to College The Most important reason that I want to go to college is to have career and be a better person in life one of my goals after school is getting into the charter college in East Wenatchee to join the Medical Assistant Program and it’s a 10 month program I want to be able to work in a clinic here in Chelan since they are building one next to Walmart and its called Columbia Valley Community Health or maybe the hospital I'm hoping that I get hired in…

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  • Argumentative Essay: College Vs High School

    there is no more help or motivation of a parent or a teacher “Once you are in college in many ways you are considered an adult…You choose how to balance your academic and social life. You make all of your own decisions, and you are responsible for the consequences.” (Klein, n.p.). Whereas students are by their own, they have to start thinking of their responsibilities. In college, teachers no longer worried about their students, they just teach and if the student took notes “good for him/her”.…

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  • Family Ritual Analysis

    getting together regularly throughout many times of the year. My family has held a family reunion every year for the last fifteen years, which was paused for one year after a major death in the family. Prior to that I do not know how long it went on but I do know that myself, my siblings, and my extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, etc.) intent to continue to hold this event every year as long as we can. Generally, at each family reunion, we have around 100 people gathered…

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  • Mediation: Characteristics And Constraints Of Courtroom Language

    of litigations (Conely 2005). For example, Eades (2006) has explained that whereas witnesses have a right to interpreter, accused parties do not. Thus is it quite hopeless for non-speakers of legalese with limited grasps of ordinary English accused of a crime. Another example of this is linguistic tactics of smuggling information and framing questions described by Aldridge and Luchjenbroers (2007) which clearly depicts the limitations of the rights of the witnesses and accused in litigation and…

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  • Greek Art History

    More than 2.75 million years ago, hominids were using simple stone tools. Eventually, knapping techniques were developed and used to chip flakes from a source or core stone to make spear points and other tools. Creating these required planning the final project in advance, and many forms ended up symmetrical. Thousands of examples of stone works have been found around the globe, demonstrating high degrees of skill and aesthetic awareness even in utilitarian tools. The most impressive spear…

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  • Pacific Northwest Salmon

    early 1890's ranged from 21 million pounds to 40 million pounds. During the late 1880's and early 1920's, the salmon gillnet fishery in the Columbia River pumped a substantial amount of income into communities on the lower Columbia River, such as Astoria. Since then, an even bigger enemy of steelhead and salmon were built, 14 dams standing in their way. These dams were built for several purposes, but the main ones include “flood control, hydroelectricity, water for irrigation, locks for…

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