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  • Personal Narrative: Weightlifting Competition

    watch the 25 annual weightlifting competition. I was very curious about this competition and gave them a call. “ Good morning this is mike hosting the 25th annual weightlifting competition in Venice Beach, California on saturday.” Mike said. “Hi I’m calling to see if I could still come and join this weight lifting competition that is this saturday in Venice Beach, California.” I asked Mike. “Yes there is one more spot open to first…

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  • What Is Weightlifting Shoe Essay

    apparent for weightlifting that there should be a different kind of shoes. It has been considered in the world of sports that the weightlifting shoe is sort of radically distinctive. Over the hundred years of international weightlifting competitions the form of the weightlifting shoe has been formulated. The shoe type that is available today is the model in the form of top class…

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  • The Effect Of Sleep Deprivation On Weightlifting Performance

    According to Blumert, Crum, Ernsting, Volek, Hollander, Haff, and Haff, various studies have been done (including the previous) on how sleep deprivation can effect weightlifting performance, but none of those studies actually modeled a training session that requires performance of a series of high-intensity exercises that are performed for multiple sets and repetitions. For this study, Blumert et al. compared the effects of twenty-four hours of sleep loss on physiological and psychological…

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  • Cardiovascular Exercise Versus Weightlifting

    than the presentation of content. The hardest part of WA2, my comparison of cardiovascular exercise versus weightlifting, was choosing a thesis that was more research-supported than opinion based. My personal experiences in this topic have proven that for my body specifically, I lose more weight when running - something I cannot stand doing. My bias makes me want to believe that weightlifting is the best method, because it is one of my favorite hobbies. So when writing about it, I got easily…

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  • Snatch Weightlifting Movement Analysis

    with a narrow posture. Now lower the bar with straight knees, but only bend at the waist with a stiff back. Stop only when you stretch your hamstrings. Reverse the motion to again stand straight. Snatch Deadlift It is the first part of snatch weightlifting. Select a suitable weight and then hold the barbell in a wide grip on a platform. With the feet set under the hips, perform a squat with the back extended properly. Raise the hips to lift the weight initially. Drive the barbell with the hips…

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  • Personal Essay: Why I Love Weightlifting

    took a deep breathe and tried to squat up, but my legs were trembling. “Just give up already.” a voice in my head would keep saying. In response, I tightened my grip on the barbell and pushed on. I love weightlifting, but I have to admit that I am no great lifter, by any means. To me, weightlifting is never about the amount of weight I’m able to lift (even though I will be more than happy to lift more) or how muscular I will get, it is about competing with myself and realizing my own weakness…

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  • Secondary School Observation Report

    diverse exercises that could help me through in secondary school. The activities I attended in secondary school were weightlifting, B.B.F (Building Better Future) program, and Liberty Promise program. Weightlifting movement was not my first athletic preparing in light of the fact that before weightlifting activity I as of now had an athletic body structure. In any case, weightlifting movement in school upheld me as…

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  • Case Study: YD Strength Training Center

    their strength by doing weightlifting, powerlifting or any other kinds of resistance training. This is a training-camp like facility rather than a traditional fitness room; this means we do not have any cardio machine or weight machine. When more and more traditional fitness facilities are found around our neighborhoods, we aim to the under-developed market in this field which is strength training especially weightlifting. Our missions are to become the best weightlifting hall and strength…

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  • Rigorous Weight-Training Program

    for motivation. I found that other students also found solace in the weight room for training and rehabilitation. It was then that I decided to organize a club, a weightlifting club, to help others work through injuries and build strength by supporting one another. For the past three years I have served as co-president of the weightlifting club.…

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  • Kroisos Vs Kouros Essay

    Coming from the archaic period, the Kouros and the Kroisos are very similar figures that depict the gradual change in artistic ability in the Greeks. The Kouros and Kroisos are very rigid in stance with fists clenched by their sides and one foot striding forward. The Greeks also freed the figures from the material they were carved out of, making them free standing. Both figures also seem to be made out the same kind of stone. Despite their similarities, the Kouros and the Kroisos are…

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