College Essay About Fast Food

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It seems as if fast food has become a routine in today’s society. For most people it might be a daily trip to McDonalds for breakfast or Hardee’s for a lunch break, or driving home after a long day of work and stopping at burger king. It almost seems as if it can dominate an individual’s choice when it comes to food. Most people can’t afford to do this. When eating at fast food restaurants it results in consuming more calories than the normal level, which eventually causes an extra gain of weight, which then can result in obesity. Americans today not only lack recommended amounts of exercise daily, but also want the most satisfying foods all the time, even if it has consequences. This makes it American’s faults when they act as if it is the …show more content…
Americans will always desire the fastest kind of food. When are Americans not in a rush? When it comes to a decision o where to go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner they are searching for the fastest food place to save time. The average amount of time the typical consumer spends waiting in a drive-thru line is 219 seconds. That is a huge difference considering in a dine-in restaurant that might take that amount of time just for the guest to be seated. Americans also want the cheapest food. Anywhere nowadays where food is present, a salad most of the time will be more expensive than French Fries. Two cheeseburgers at McDonalds cost $2.38, compared to the Premium Bacon Ranch Salad that costs $4.59. This is a drastic change in price. This could save money, but the health of the individual is at risk and could suffer. Americans also want the most satisfying foods. An American does not normally want broccoli over chocolate cake or turnip greens over candy. Next time the individual should consider leaving off the sauces, substitute the fries, choosing calorie free drinks, or getting the food grilled instead of fried. This will eliminate a ton of unwanted calories and replace them with good

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