Fast Food Restaurants Are Often Blamed For Obesity Case Study

Topic 3: Fast food restaurants are often blamed for obesity. Is it appropriate to place the blame on the fast food chains or should obesity be considered an individual’s responsibility?

In this modern world, the more time people spend on working and making money, the less time they spend on cooking and making healthy food choices, and this leads to the rise of fast food culture and an increasing rate of obesity all over the world. Some critics may state that the spread of fast food restaurants plays a big role in the growing obesity rate and people often put the blame for obesity on those restaurants, but many studies have pointed out that fast food restaurants are definitely not the ones to blame in the situation. The term “obesity” can be
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Nobody is forced to eat fast food. If people hate fast food or be aware of its negative effects, they have the right to distance themselves from fast food stores. When it comes to food, there are plenty of options. Fast food is not the only choice in the world, people can choose something healthier at anywhere, even at fast food restaurants. Just because people go to a fast food restaurant does not necessarily mean they must order something caloric and greasy. Some fast food restaurants now provide customers with healthier foods. For example, the chicken salad would be a smart choice. On the other hand, if people can make time for cooking, they better stay in the kitchen and prepare their own meals, which is healthier than fast food. Healthy eating is actually not that expensive, a lot of obese people can afford it. If people spend time making a lean and healthy meal at home, it will absolutely be a good move. Also, it is a common knowledge that fast food can make you overweight. McDonalds has even put the calories on their foods. There are some healthier choices on the menus and some nutritional information on menu items so consumers do know what they are taking in. With how readily available fast food is, the fast food industry has a lot to do with why people become obese but after all, the industry is simply doing its job selling fast food. It is technically the responsibility of the person …show more content…
People may argue that fast food contributes to obesity but they cannot deny that they have every right to do exercises, eat nutritious food in order to stay healthy. Fast food establishments are not the only reason why people become overweight, they do not deserve all that hatred and criticism. Research has clearly pointed out that people are the main causes of the obesity epidemic as they are suffering from their own terrible decisions. Even though this essay is only limited to the U.S, it can partly show the effects of fast food on human, the impact people’s choices have on their declining health. It is undeniable that fast food has a negative effect on human health but it is not logical at all to blame a single factor for such a social problem. It is simpler to blame something else than it to look in the mirror and point their fingers at themselves, but this does not mean people have to do it. It is down to the individual to set up a reasonable daily routine, decide which food to eat and exercise so as to obtain a healthy body. If people are aware of what is causing them obese, stop making excuses for their poor choices, manage their lifestyles, they can have a longer and healthier

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