Fast Food Nation Book Report

Summer Assignment
Eric Schlosser wrote the book titled Fast Food Nation with the purpose of trying to inform the readers about the dangers and some background knowledge of fast food while still performing this act in the form of ethos. Schlosser uses many anecdotes and statistics to prove why fast food is detrimental. Schlosser mentions how much family cooked meals have reduced as a result to the growth and popularity of fast food restaurants. Many Americans without realizing spend thousands of dollars on fast food, and mcdonald's is one of the most popular. Schlosser not only knows why it’s very dangerous to eat fast food but also understands why humans do it.
Chapter 1: Schlosser introduces one of the first fast food
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Many of us would think that “successful” businesses would take into consideration what their customers and employees receive. Schlosser mentions how, many of the big time business owners rather spend much more money on appearance and a logo to catch the people's attention, rather than what they “people” are consuming. Feamster bought his property instead of renting at first without knowing if his business would even be a successful one or not. What is surprising 0.o is that owners will spend less ;) money on the supplies and ingredients on the food they’re selling. Appearance to business owners is more important than the quality of the product that has their name on …show more content…
Schlosser mentions this specific anecdote to show that many rancher and farmers are going out of business because of all the new processed and fast packaging food. In world like today, everyone is in a rush and prefer to go with a cheaper meal during the day than a meal that’ll cost more and taste the same. Schlosser also mentions this specific anecdote because he reflects on Hank a farmer who committed suicide. Schlosser was very close to Hank and blames fast food for the reason of his treason. Quit hating .
Chapter 7:
This analogy is very effective and we know this because of how it is one of the main themes that are instilled into the book Fast Food Nation. Schlosser, and his argument are very similar to the one stated by Sinclair's. In the way that he is arguing that Human Beings are the “Cogs in the Great machine.” Both point out how humans are merely a way to get to the finished product. That without humans being able to run a good business it’s impossible.

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