The American Paradox By Michael Pollan Summary

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In “The American Paradox” by Michael Pollan, Pollan states that there is something wrong with how Americans think about eating today. He claims that Americans are more focused on listening to confusing and contradictory dietary advice about healthy eating from nutritionists, food marketers and journalists that we are neglecting the food from our culture(s). I agree with Pollan’s claims because cultural eating is healthier than following the advice of experts. I also agree on his claims that these experts are giving confusing and contradictory dietary advice. Even though Americans are so focused on healthy eating and getting the right nutrients, America still is a country with high rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Pollan calls …show more content…
He told me that all the white rice was substituted by whole-wheat bread. It was a terrible decision by his parents. He soon got sick because his wasn’t eating enough and his body wasn’t use to all that bread. He always ate a lot when he had white rice. He hated the change and eventually his parents grew tired of bread and started to hate the change as well. So within a week, they switched back to eating white rice. My friend believed that his cultural eating was more healthier than what the nutritionists …show more content…
The article talks about the contradictory study about fat and cholesterol. By cutting fat and cholesterol, as Americans have done, we may have even worsened our health. According to a new analysis of government data, over the past 50 years, Americans have cut fat intake by 25% and increased carbohydrates by more than 30%. However, recent studies have shown that a high-carb diet rich in sugar and refined grains increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, which is much more than what a diet high in fat and cholesterol can cause. This proves experts are giving out confusing and contradictory dietary advice. In the passage “Why Study Food?” by Warren Belasco, Belasco adds further argument to support Pollan’s claim that cultural eating is healthier than following the advice of experts. He mentions that food contributes to our identity, which is the same as what Pollan thinks. Belasco also quotes Pollan to support his claims that we don’t need to entirely rely on specialists because they are sometimes wrong and lead us astray. Like how experts claimed that the first modern pesticide was perfectly safe, defeating world hunger with steaks made up of algae, yeast, and coal dust,

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