Pathos In Against The Grains

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Will people be surprised if they know the researchers found what they eat everyday is the cause of obesity and other chronic diseases? With the development of the technology, more refined food was included in people’s dietary. Are these foods related with the increase of diseases? In the article “Against the grains”, Melinda Moyer talks about the relationship of grains and several diseases, and she stated “Numerous best-sellers blame wheat, gluten and sugar for obesity, neurological disorders, and other chronic diseases” (Moyer 1). Moyer uses pathos, ethos, and logos to persuade readers to change their dietary, and to against the grains. Moyer uses anecdote, appeal to fear, and bandwagon, which are strategies belongs to pathos in the article …show more content…
Appealing to authority and using reliable sources enhance the credibility of the article. For example, Moyer talks about an experience of a cardiologist “The late New York cardiologist Robert Atkins developed his low-carb diet after reading a paper on the approach in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1963 and trying one himself” (Moyer 3). A cardiologist is an expert people would like to trust, and the American Medical Association is the largest association of physicians. It extremely increases the powerful of the argument that the low-carb diet benefits to people’s health. More than the journal, the writer uses books as the sources. Moyer cites the book “The Stone Age Diet” of gastroenterologist Walter Voegtlin to explain to the audience that our genes in our body don’t have enough time get used to the changes of our diet. After using several sources to show the low-crab has positive effect, the author directly pointed out “Grains are dangerous, says the US neurologist David Perlmutter in his highly controversial book Grain Brain (2013), in part because gluten incites inflammation throughout the body, including the brain” (Moyer 7). By citing kinds of journals, books, and words of experts, the article has high

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