Michael Pollan's Escape From The Western Diet

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Individuals will consume as much food as they feel in order to satisfy their needs if it tastes good. People don’t know when to stop eating simply because they get caught up in how good something tastes. Michael Pollan explains the importance of the Western diet and why it is essential to escape from it in a famous piece, “Escape from the Western Diet”. The food we buy and put in our mouths is full of many different antibiotics and hormones. But, people don’t even know the truth behind what there consuming. The Western diet can simply be described as a very new and unhealthy way of dieting. Pollan believes that Americans need to figure a way to escape the Western diet due to its negative effects and unhealthy features that can greatly damage …show more content…
Michael Pollan discusses, “And many of the scientific theories put forward to account for exactly what in the Western diet is responsible for Western diseases conflict with one another” (434). Basically the Western diet isn’t an actual diet that can benefit people due to the fact that it is not natural and is responsible for some of the diseases discovered. Pollan also states, “There is a lot more religion in science than you might expect” (435). People’s beliefs can dictate whether or not something taught in science can have an impact on what people think and believe. For example, a person’s belief based on religion can have a big impact on what they interpret and want to believe about a specific topic. The Western diet is science based, which means there is no opinion on it (435). This is the cause of people not caring about the environment. Also, the Western diet is very cheap, which means people will want to buy and eat more of it. The biggest part about this nontraditional diet is that it is a processed diet and will not help people following it. It is known as nutritious, which refers to reductive understanding of nutrients in the food. This diet is only about individuals which is the reason we forget about the environment. This diet satisfies people’s needs because it is fast, cheap, and easy as Pollan mentioned, which is …show more content…
Pollan states, “People eating a Western diet are prone to a complex of chronic disease that seldom strike people eating more traditional diets” (435). The only reason to not get these chronic diseases mentioned is only by stopping to eat the Western diet. The foods and meats American’s put in their bodies include one or all antibiotics, hormones, and waste products. It is also known to have lack of transparency, which means the people don’t tell the customers what is exactly in their foods. They tend to hide the main information that people may want to know before buying the item. We simply don’t know where our food is coming from, especially our meats. Pollan discusses, “A hallmark of the Western diet is food that is fast, cheap, and easy” (439). This is the cause of people wasting excess amount of money on food because it’s cheap. Once they think it’s cheap, they will continually go and buy it and not know how much their actually spending

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