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  • Case Study: Staff Reduction

    Howell’s approach staff reduction is flawed. Inaccurate performance appraisals cannot be used and a different layoff criteria will need to be used. The best option for Howell is to coordinate with Brad Smith, the San Francisco division manager, to determine staffing requirements at the San Francisco division. Through collaboration, Smith and Howell can determine which departments at the San Francisco facility are short on staff and which departments are overstaffed. Once manning levels at the San Francisco facility are determined, Howell can determine which employees at the San Jose facility need to be retained. A collaborative approach is the best and most accurate way for Howell to make staff reduction decisions. However, mergers are often subject…

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  • College Essay On Becoming A Nurse

    I was born and lived in San Jose, California up to the age of thirteen years old. Right before high school my parents decided to relocate to Modesto, California. While living in Modesto, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes. I remember how it was difficult to watch my mother go through the symptoms of diabetes. She was losing weight, she was always tired and her vision started to deteriorate. It made me feel so helpless. I recall going with my mother to her doctor appointments, and seeing…

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  • Mission San Jose Essay

    you can gain a deeper understanding of what has occurred. The museum and the site itself give a person a window into the Antebellum time period and what happened to the people that lived in it. Another significant aspect of Mission San Jose is that it allows you to understand the general attitude towards non-Europeans, or in this case, Native American’s at the time. Despite being converted to Christianity, it’s clear that the racism towards non-Europeans was still present towards Native…

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  • Spotted Owl Research Paper

    They are encroaching upon the barred owl’s habitat and lands, and the spotted owl population is diminishing. In an article by the San Jose Mercury News, they stated that, “barred owls are also big bullies that chase other birds from their territory,”(San Jose Mercury News). The barred owls are very territorial and chase away the other spotted owls, and this results in the bullied spotted owls to not call for mates. Consequently, because of the decline in mating, the number of new spotted owls…

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  • Personal Narrative: East Side San Jose

    Have you ever seen a fish out of the water? How it flips, flaps, wiggles and gasps for oxygen because it clearly doesn’t belong anywhere but the water? That’s how I felt in the fifth grade. I was born and raised in a very poor community in East Side, San Jose for it was all my dad could afford. No, I did not complain because to me it was like my Mexican castle and I was the queen. East Side, San Jose is known for its immense Latino population. Imagine a little Mexico in California well that’s…

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  • The Clean Room And San Jose: Poem Analysis

    Date Safety Precautions in Workplace and Environment Introduction Visibility versus invisibility is a theme that is well covered in both ‘The Clean Room’ and ‘San Jose: A Poem’ poems. The two poems make efforts to address industrial working conditions of workers to describe the way their safety precautions are taken care of or neglected. Similarly, the physical facilities surrounding workers in their workplace are analyzed to give details of how they affect or have a potential of affecting…

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  • Recreational Therapist

    disabilities, and injuries. A university that has programs for recreational therapist is San Jose State University (SJSU). They are known for their sports and great programs for careers. San Jose State University is a public university located in San Jose, California. The acceptance rate to get into SJSU is not too bad, that being at 59.8% with an enrollment of about 32,713 students. SJSU offers a program called the B.S. Recreation Degree Program that focuses on Recreation Therapy. The program…

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  • Community Observation Report Sample

    On any given day while passing by the campus side entrance of Martin Luther King Library, the main library of San Jose State University, one can hear loud, upbeat music playing, and if one were to look for the location of the music they would notice a group of 3-10 people rhythmically moving to the music or loudly chattering. After spotting this same activity, the group always consisting of what seemed like different people yet always in the same location, I realized that it was not a…

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  • Allegory Of The Cave Rhetorical Analysis

    How would life be when people finally open their eyes and stop living in denial and accepting the truth. In Plato's Allegory of the Cave, there are three prisoners that have been imprisoned in a cave for their whole life. They’ve only seen the same wall this whole time and their only source of light would is a fire which is behind them which creates shadows. At one point a prisoner is able to free himself from the chains, when he goes out he realizes that everything he’s been seeing on the walls…

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  • Did Rizal Supported The 1896 Philippine Revolution Of Bonifacio Case Study

    1. Did Rizal supported the 1896 Philippine Revolution of bonifacio? Why or why not? - I don’t think he did. If I were to tell based on what I understand in his point of view, he don’t want Filipinos to revolt yet, because he knew that this will not succeed. But on the other hand, I think that he supported it on his own ways. He wanted Filipinos to be free, one of the reason why he build the group “La liga Filipina, it’s because he wanted too, to revolt but I think he is still waiting for the…

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