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  • Community Observation Report Sample

    On any given day while passing by the campus side entrance of Martin Luther King Library, the main library of San Jose State University, one can hear loud, upbeat music playing, and if one were to look for the location of the music they would notice a group of 3-10 people rhythmically moving to the music or loudly chattering. After spotting this same activity, the group always consisting of what seemed like different people yet always in the same location, I realized that it was not a coincidence, these people were a subgroup of the university that had claimed this spot as their meeting spot. There were many actions and visual cues that made this group stand out; As I mentioned before they played extremely loud music in a very public area,…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Mazzetti's

    various fundraisers and events. Each year the bakery donates financially to, as well as caters the breakfast and dinner, for the “Devil’s Slide Ride” which supports PARCA, an organization that works to help improve the lives of the developmentally-disabled and their families in San Mateo County. Additionally, Mazzetti’s has helped with many school fundraisers and sponsored local sports teams, furthering their visibility and giving back to the community. Some of Mazzetti’s best marketing comes…

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  • Case Study: Staff Reduction

    option for Howell is to coordinate with Brad Smith, the San Francisco division manager, to determine staffing requirements at the San Francisco division. Through collaboration, Smith and Howell can determine which departments at the San Francisco facility are short on staff and which departments are overstaffed. Once manning levels at the San Francisco facility are determined, Howell can determine which employees at the San Jose facility need to be retained. A collaborative approach is the best…

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  • College Essay On Becoming A Nurse

    I was born and lived in San Jose, California up to the age of thirteen years old. Right before high school my parents decided to relocate to Modesto, California. While living in Modesto, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes. I remember how it was difficult to watch my mother go through the symptoms of diabetes. She was losing weight, she was always tired and her vision started to deteriorate. It made me feel so helpless. I recall going with my mother to her doctor appointments, and seeing…

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  • Spotted Owl Research Paper

    upon the spotted owl’s habitat area, and this is becoming a serious predicament. In states such as California, Oregon, and Washington, spotted owl populations have decreased drastically, and scientists are working rapidly to try to find solutions. These researchers have exhaustively studied the habitat and livelihood of the owls, and have determined that the barred owls are responsible for this drop in population and habitat area. Scientists have tried to find different solutions, but there is…

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  • Recreational Therapist

    The best and most recommended place to be a recreational therapist happens to be in California. In California, there are more job opening and get paid higher than other states. The job projections for a recreational therapist increase faster than average, at 12%. The number of job availability changes but right now it lingers around 19,000. A benefit to this job centers around the flexibility. A person can work part time or full time and that can help with someone who has more than one job.…

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  • Scott Peterson Case Study

    On December 24, 2002, Laci Denise Peterson was reported missing. At the time of her disappearance, she was eight months pregnant, planning to name her unborn son, Connor. The death of Laci Peterson is presumed to have been taken place on December 24, 2002. Scott Peterson was convicted for the murders of his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, 27, and their unborn son, Connor. He was convicted of first degree murder for the death of Laci and Second degree murder for the death of Connor). Scott Peterson…

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  • The Body Reader Scar Analysis

    “Scars” encompasses stories within San Quentin through the eyes of Jarvis Jay Masters and his fellow inmates John, David, and Pete. Masters utilizes the topic of scars to begin the account and therefore the conversation with his friends. By noticing the markings on all of their bodies, he realizes they all suffered injustices within their own households during the course of their lives. As they discuss their stories, he discovers, “The histories of all of us in San Quentin were so similar it was…

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  • Miscommunication Narrative

    The day began with the news that we may need to postpone my move to Baton Rouge. The rain was torrential, and the roads were flooded. People were losing their homes and even their lives. This was a devastation that had not been seen since Hurricane Katrina or Rita. But from what we were seeing the devastation seemed almost worst in Baton Rouge and the surrounding cities. A day that was a fresh start for me was the worst day for entire families. This day had been planned for months, I had…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In My Class

    have designed a plan to allow myself to focus on school. By taking 14 credit hours I will eliminate my problem of dropping classes. By not working a job during the school year I am giving myself more time to keep up with my classes to eliminate myself from failing any more of my courses. Since I have reduced my schedule to a reasonable amount of hours I believe that I will be able to have a successful school year. I believe the plan listed shows a reasonable solution to fix the given problem. I…

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