San Quentin State Prison

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  • Scott Peterson Case Study

    On December 24, 2002, Laci Denise Peterson was reported missing. At the time of her disappearance, she was eight months pregnant, planning to name her unborn son, Connor. The death of Laci Peterson is presumed to have been taken place on December 24, 2002. Scott Peterson was convicted for the murders of his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, 27, and their unborn son, Connor. He was convicted of first degree murder for the death of Laci and Second degree murder for the death of Connor). Scott Peterson is currently on death row by lethal injection at San Quentin State Prison in San Quentin, CA. In addition, ordered to pay $10,000 toward the cost of Laci’s funeral. His arrest was made on April 18, 2003, indicted on November 12, 2004 for all charges,…

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  • The Body Reader Scar Analysis

    “I remember the first time I really noticed the scars on the bodies of my fellow prisoners.” (Body Reader 329), Masters recollects as he greets his newly found audience. In order to break down barriers and misconceptions between those inside and outside of prison walls, Masters creates an account in which initial judgment is obliterated. Generally, society deems criminals as a kind of inhumane, soulless form of our species; thereby disregarding their existence as people due to their obvious…

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  • Community Observation Report Sample

    On any given day while passing by the campus side entrance of Martin Luther King Library, the main library of San Jose State University, one can hear loud, upbeat music playing, and if one were to look for the location of the music they would notice a group of 3-10 people rhythmically moving to the music or loudly chattering. After spotting this same activity, the group always consisting of what seemed like different people yet always in the same location, I realized that it was not a…

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  • Recreational Therapist

    The best and most recommended place to be a recreational therapist happens to be in California. In California, there are more job opening and get paid higher than other states. The job projections for a recreational therapist increase faster than average, at 12%. The number of job availability changes but right now it lingers around 19,000. A benefit to this job centers around the flexibility. A person can work part time or full time and that can help with someone who has more than one job.…

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  • Overcrowding In Prisons

    It is hard to think about anything worse than being convicted of a crime and spending a number of years in prison, but what most people do not know is that there actually is, and it is much worse. But what can that be? It is what goes on inside of the American prison. Hypothetically, prisons should be a place where breakers of the law go, spend their sentence, and come out as better people, but that is the complete opposite of the cruel reality. You have people who committed petty crimes come…

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  • San Quentin's Giants Analysis

    runner must take to score. It requires teamwork and communication. Subsequent to watching the short documentary, San Quentin’s Giants, I showed some of my neighbors the short film and asked them what they thought the overall message was. Most of them said that they thought the factual program was about how convicts at San Quentin State Prison got permission to play baseball because they were getting bored with the activities available. They also thought that the feature was about how…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Death Penalty In California

    Thirty one states in the U.S. have the death penalty instated. California is one of them ( On March 3, 1893 the first execution at San Quentin State Prison in California occurred. The method of execution was hanging. On December 2, 1938 the first execution by lethal injection occurred. This method was implemented to replace hanging ( By 1967, there had not been any executions for 25 years and it was decided in February of 1972 by the California Supreme…

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  • Essay On Prison Gangs

    4.1 Prison Gangs There is a challenge in the control and management of facilities where prison gangs operate. According to Sharon, prison gangs are groups of criminals that operate inside the prison system. Also, prison gangs are capable of perpetuating their criminal activities outside the confines of the prison. They normally act as a link between drug traffickers and street gangs. The membership to a prison gang is normally restrictive. Therefore, an oath to commit to the gang is taken…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Prison Gangs

    power inside the United States federal and state prison systems, and have developed into organized crime syndicates who control rackets inside and outside of prisons. These gangs pose a major threat to the prison system and have become a difficult task to control or disassemble. Gangs across the United States represent different things but each are just as dangerous as the next. In most prisons it is easy to recognize which gang an inmate is associated with by the symbols they wear or have…

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  • Criminal Justice Research Paper

    In 1776, the United States became a nation of independence and truth and though that truth stood on what the forefathers built this great country on, the U.S. has been lacking some things that need to not exist into today’s society. America’s social status has not change on how the nation deals with the legalizing of the law and how to properly execute righteous judgment. It seems as though that more and more each day, the United States is locking up people with not enough substantial evidence…

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