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  • Rafael Leonidas Trujillo: Causes And Control Of The Dominican Republic

    In 1930, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina gained control of the Dominican Republic through questionable means, becoming head of police and then president, his regime was well recognized for its oppressive tactics and effective means of keeping the population controlled, by the time he was deposed and assassinated in 1961, he had been responsible for the deaths of as many as 50,000 Dominicans (U.S DoS), meaning that 1 in 66 was executed. As his time as president continued, more opposition grew, and eventually he lost the majority favor. Local citizens rose up and rebelled. An apprehensive church first remained neutral in the event, even favoring Trujillo, but as his monstrosities came to light, it became more and more difficult to remain passive,…

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  • The Mariposas: Character Development Of Minerva Mirabal

    Character Development of Minerva Mirabal The Mirabal Sisters were Dominican Republicans who opposed the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo. They were well known for their patriotic actions. They were four sisters, three of which were active in the revolution, Minerva, Patria and Maria Teresa. They were known as the “Mariposas”. Minerva was the most active in the revolution against Trujillo. She was the third child of Enrique Mirabal and Mercedes Reyes. She was considered the brave one, or at…

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  • Analysis Of Patria In In The Time Of The Butterflies

    “Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.” This quote perfectly describes Patria who is one of the sisters in the book, In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez. This novel takes place in the 1900’s in the Dominican Republic while it was under the rule of Trujillo. Trujillo ran a dictatorship in the Dominican Republic for over 30 years with strict rules and harsh punishments. The story follows the real lives of the Mirabal sisters and each chapter is…

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  • Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters: Case Study

    fulfill the wishes of many tennis fans, a sports tourism organization named Destination Tennis has agreed to take 10 tennis spectators to this tournament. To do so, Destination Tennis must have a clear purpose statement for why they are doing this event, an explanation of expenses and funding to help pay for the experience, and a projected 16% return on investment (ROI) to receive compensation for the event. The Monte-Carlo Masters is an annual, premier clay-court tennis tournament taking…

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  • Maria Teresa And Minerva Character Analysis

    Specific Analysis: As Dedé is the only one of the four sisters still alive, she feels responsible for making sure that they are remembered correctly as opposed to being glorified. She contrasts the women they actually are to the heroines that the public sees to show that they, too, are ordinary humans with strengths, weaknesses, and morals. However, she believes that even her own nieces and nephews stereotype her sisters as heroines because of their fame, only knowing the courage and…

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  • Trujillo Antes De Dios Analysis

    Trujillo Antes De Dios Author’s Note: From 1930 to 1961, the Dominican Republic suffered under the regime of Rafael Trujillo, arguably the harshest US-backed dictator Latin America ever saw. As a military dictator, Trujillo was known for his violence, obsession with order, and racism to the extremes of genocide, instilling fear in the hearts of all his subjects. This story reflects two typical days in the subject’s life. At his request, the subject’s name has been changed. Rafael Ocaña wakes,…

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  • After The Fateful Day By Victor Dede

    I’m not sure why some of them had less jail time than the others. Putting them in jail for only 20-30 years is not justice, I don’t feel satisfied at all. They all have been set free during the spell of the revolution. After they were released, the murderers are always on TV, doing all sorts of interview about what they have done; like it was something to be proud of. What a shame! May 30,1961 (Rafael Trujillo October 24,1891- May 30 1961) Dede should read the newspaper more often. How can…

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  • Song Of The Water Saints Summary

    In Nelly Rosario’s book “Song of the Water Saints”, Rosario write about this five generation Dominican family starring Graciela and her mother Mai, following by her daughter Mercedes, then Mercedes’s daughter Amalfi and finally Lelia, Amalfi’s daughter. One sees similar conflicts with each mother-daughter duo. Therefore, showing how unstable Mother and Daughters relationships were due to different values in each generation valued. Rosario shows the strict relationship between Graciela and…

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  • The Brief Wondrous Life Of Mr Wao Analysis

    The Life of Junot Diaz and His Notable Works Junot Diaz is known for incorporating different genres in his works that stem from the traumatic events that he and his family experienced under the wrath of the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, who ruled the Dominican Republic for more than 30 years, before becoming immigrants (Contreras 5).“Diaz establishes an interesting technique that brings together different genres of North American pop culture: the comic book, science fiction film, and 1960’s…

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  • Summary Of Julia Alvarez's In The Time Of The Butterflies

    Julia Alvarez’s novel, In The Time of The Butterflies, depicts the journey to revolutionize under Rafael Trujillo’s regime. The novel focuses on the Mirabal family and their four sisters: Patria, Dede, Minerva, and Maria Teresa. The story’s main plot concentrates on the sisters’ journey to defeat their dictator, Trujillo, who inflicts torture upon them. Together, the sisters unite their country. The sisters and many characters from In The Time of The Butterflies use education, unity, and love…

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