Marketing Strategy Of Mazzetti's Marketing Plan?

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Since Mazzetti 's is a small, local business, the company has used traditional marketing efforts that cost them the least, in the past. Mazzetti’s used to place ads in the local newspaper, the Pacifica Tribune, but as the age of digital media is in full swing, the bakery has abandoned this strategy. Aside from print advertisements, Mazzetti’s has relied heavily on word of mouth marketing and has helped to create a presence in the community by donating to or helping out with various fundraisers and events. Each year the bakery donates financially to, as well as caters the breakfast and dinner, for the “Devil’s Slide Ride” which supports PARCA, an organization that works to help improve the lives of the developmentally-disabled and their families in
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They segment the market geographically, restricted to the San Francisco Bay Area due to their location. Their target market consists of locals from Pacifica, and returning customers. Mazzetti’s have positioned themselves as a small family-owned bakery, with cheap and customizable baked goods. While Mazzetti’s STP as of right now limits their competitive position, they have plenty of room for opportunity growth. By having localized goods, Mazzetti’s should market this to their advantage. Their products are a well-established in the local community but can be advertised as a “must-have” or “must-stop” to travelers visiting the San Francisco Bay Area. This tactic allows them to broaden their target market beyond the population of Pacifica which is estimated at 39,000 people (2013). Located right off Highway 1, it is an easy stop for those traveling into the city. The San Francisco Travel Association reported that San Francisco welcomed 24.6 million visitors in 2015 (SanFranciscoTravel). Mazzetti’s could put up a few billboards, or simple signs to attract even just a portion of millions of people passing

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