The Clean Room And San Jose: Poem Analysis

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Date Safety Precautions in Workplace and Environment
Visibility versus invisibility is a theme that is well covered in both ‘The Clean Room’ and ‘San Jose: A Poem’ poems. The two poems make efforts to address industrial working conditions of workers to describe the way their safety precautions are taken care of or neglected. Similarly, the physical facilities surrounding workers in their workplace are analyzed to give details of how they affect or have a potential of affecting their health standards.
Safety Precautions at Workplace In ‘The Clean Room,' the poet describes the requirements that one must have for them to get inside a dangerous workplace to make sure that health risks workers are exposed to are minimized. A lot
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At one point, the poet says …I always wear my headband…’ this reveals how the high level of adherence workers have to make sure that they abide by the set regulation meant to keep them safe at all times. The phrase seems to be part of a conversation between two workers. In the conversation, the speaker seems to be telling a new worker of how they operate and giving security details the new worker should uphold at all times. The speaker indicates that he always wears the headband and this is meant to motivate the new worker always to make sure safety details are attended to at first before getting started to their daily activities (Philippe pg 6). The poet creates an idea of how workers can play their part to make sure that their safety is not compromised by making personal efforts to coach each other. Despite the fact that management has established the required safety measures, it is up to the workers to work on their areas to make sure that they utilize them in the best way possible. Motivating each other to adhere to safety precaution is an important idea that the poet tries to reveal using this

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