Workplace Violence Case Study

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I chose the topic about legal considerations of workplace violence in healthcare environments because it is always a big problem in the healthcare field. I believe that all healthcare providers need to gain more knowledge about how important their legal rights especially in the healthcare field. Most people that are at risk of workplace violence are the nurses at the facility. In most cases, they are not reported. This is why I thought this paper would be a great topic to go over in detail. I also chose this article because of the topics from the book talks about the four elements on negligence. The summary of the article states the violence can occur in any environment, especially anyone that enters the healthcare setting. Workplace violence …show more content…
In most cases, they may feel like peer pressure not to report, fear of losing their job, fear of blame of causing the assault, and reporting may bring no personal benefit. These would be some examples on why victims may not report violence in the workplace. This is why people need to be more informed about violence- prevention. Nurses barely take action against violent patients. There were 8% of the nurses felt that their job would be in jeopardy, fear of losing their job, if they reported the violence. There were 32% nurses that agreed is appropriate to take legal action against an assaultive patient. This is why OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has legal obligation to provide a safe and healthful workplace for employees. OSHA also made some guidelines on preventing violence in the workplace. They would be management commitment, work analysis, hazard prevention, education and training, record keeping, and …show more content…
And how when the employer is put on notice that an employee poses a threat but fails to take steps to insure the safety of third parties. This is why we should not ignore the signs, this would help us in the future. This would also provide more adequate security with reasonable care. With this safety measures would provide more safety to the healthcare setting. This is not only to protect our nurses but also the patients as well.
I plan on using this knowledge from this article as part of my major, health services managements, by educating all of the employees about violent incidents and assaults on nurses in the healthcare environment. I would be supportive and make sure that the workplace is safe. I would inform my employees about the factors of violence in the workplace. I would explain that they should not be expected to accept the blame for the acts of the other person. I would encourage them to take act, or it report it.
I would have different posters and flyers thought out the building to inform people about violence in the workplace. I would inform all employees about NIOSH recommends that all hospitals develop a comprehensive violence prevention program. All of the employees would have to participate in safety training programs and be familiar with the policies and procedures on violence

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