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  • Professional Athletes Essay

    fame and success is the involvement with crime. Not only are serious crimes a massive problem in the world, but one especially hears a lot about professional athlete committing crimes. Professional athletes are idolized more than people realize. Professional athletes are influential leaders that need to be disciplined by following codes of morals and ethics. If they do not follow the standards, than other people who want to be like them are looking up to someone who is making poor choices. If…

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  • Professional Athlete: Movie Analysis

    “Broke” in the 30 for 30 series uncovers the unfortunate truth about professional athletes’ inability to control their finances. It was originally written in 2012 to either prove or disprove Sports Illustrated’s report which stated 60 percent of NBA players and over 70 percent of NFL players file for bankruptcy within five years post-retirement. ESPN did in fact prove this staggering statistic. The glamourous thoughts that all professional athletes are wealthy, high-rolling celebrities that…

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  • College Players Should Be Paid

    participate in high school sports each year in the U.S., 460,000 make it to play in college and only a fraction will go pro” making everyone else dream still a dream. You have to be one of a kind, have the best talent in the country and have a go hard work ethic at what sport you play everyday for the rest of you career even in the offseason. With all of this hard work that you put in since the beginning of school and you get to college you should be paid to play. No one wants to put in that…

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  • Psychological Aspects Of Professional Athletes

    Video games, the latest iPhone, game consoles, and flat screen televisions are examples of new technologies that drive today’s youth to stay inside all day. Professional athletes are the light at the end of the long technological tunnel. These athletes provide a sense of what hard work is and where it can take you. Although the physical aspects of what athletes can do are what is most observed by people, the psychological factors that athletes help young people develop are also very important.…

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  • Equal Playing Time Essay

    that make the team should be given the same amount of playing time. With sports providing a plethora of lifetime skills, there are multiple ways to add to the team. Some players who make the team, depending on variables such as age, skill, and work ethic, fill other roles than major playing time positions. Starting roles and other main playing time positions are limited so teams are filled with other members as well. Some teammates are looked to for their leadership and supportive team…

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  • Obstacles: A Career As A World Class Engineering

    participation in class is essential to improve in these areas. Professors and fellow students are a great way to find advices and create great relationships. WCES will keep only those relationships that are healthy for their life as student by also as a professional engineer. Great relationships are the way to create a good study group. A study group is part of the college life. Groups are helpful; when you don’t understand something they can help each other. Study groups are just another way…

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  • Nba Players Are Not Overpaid Essay

    Professional athletes, especially NBA players are harshly criticized of their high salaries because many people feel what they do does not amount to what they are being paid. They feel NBA players aren’t contributing enough to be paid on that magnitude. Many people can’t stand that NBA players are paid millions while teachers, doctors, lawyers, or other professions are making nothing compared to them. Many strongly feel that NBA players do nothing more than play a ball game. However, there is a…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Concussions In Sports

    From the Super Bowl to the FIFA World Cup, society has found a way to connect and relate with one another through sports; the metaphorical conduit that consolidates mankind from the far ends of the globe. But one thing we don 't take into account when we watch our favorite stars on the big screen is the darker side of sports that is commonly fallen on deaf ears. Every day, previously thought invincible athletic machines suffer against a silent enemy. No, it doesn 't take up the form of broken…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As A Mechanical Engineering

    Have you ever imagined something and yearned to have? Maybe, you tried to make it, but you could never get it to work. I was the exact same way. Since I was a little kid I have always loved building things with whatever I could get me hands on: legos, lincoln logs, even sand. Now, as I grow older I still have this passion for building, but I am not equipped to pursue it. So, I have been searching for a way to make it possible to build these dreams in my head. Finally, I believe I have found a…

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  • Examples Of Professionalism In Healthcare

    setting. Patients and their families depend on the healthcare professionals to provide the best services and treatment possible. However, there are several cases in which professional issues occur in the healthcare practice. Interpersonal skills are crucial for a healthcare professional to obtain. When there is a lack of interpersonal skills, disruptive behaviors may occur. Disruptive behaviors are any behaviors that can hinder a professional from providing optimal service. Some examples of…

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