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  • Essay On Professional Values In Nursing

    Professional Moral Compass in Nursing Values play a significant role in shaping professional identity by influencing the actions and behaviors of practitioners in their day to day activities. Three fundamental personal values shape my understanding of nursing. To begin with, being a nurse requires a person to be very responsible. Being responsible means that nurses should not only be willing to do what is expected of them but also beyond these expectations as long as it will improve patient…

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  • Kitchener's Ethical Model

    Association for Counselling (SAC) and the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) are three governing bodies that have developed codes of ethics and professional standards, which provide explicit guidelines on ethical functional and professional conduct for helping professionals. Mental health organisations such as the ACA have developed the Code of Ethics and Practice (2013) with a with the objective to provide clarity on the stance of the organisation, protect consumers and provide…

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  • Duty To Care Role

    Role of a Nurse in Circumstances of Patient Nonadherence Health care professionals are all too often aware of the lifestyle choices that have led the patient to seek treatment in their care. However, the implications of these lifestyle choices and issues that can arise from nonadherence are often downplayed or simply disregarded by the patients despite the urgency of the matter being expressed by the health care professionals. In other words, sometimes, the patients refuse to alter their…

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  • Ethical Practice In Nursing

    Nightingale and other early nurses gave close attention to ethics, with articles, books and chapters being recorded and published about the ethical responsibilities of a nurse. However, observance and attention to ethics and has decreased over the years. A small number of researchers have attempted to tackle this subject. Those who have worked on it found it difficult, given the complexities of the task and the growing context of the healthcare setting. Ethical practice is generally accepted as…

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  • What Is Sidney Lumet's The Verdict Analysis

    well, makes a great error resulting in the loss of a life. The anesthesiologist lies to the family of the victim, which not only goes against the professional code of ethics but also moral ethics. He further goes to threaten the nurse to change the 1 on the chart to 9 hours. This is the most critical aspect for me personally. Any person who seeks professional services would expect certain respect and care to be shown. It is critical to understand that a client is not a money making machine.…

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  • Comparison And Contrast Code Of Ethics

    establish an Ethical Platform, I will compare and contrast the Code of Ethics for Alabama, Georgia, Alaska and the Alabama Career Technical Education Association (ACTEA). In addition honesty, persistence and caring will be the foundation of my ethical platform. Comparison The Code of Ethics for all three school districts and the professional organization basic foundations are similar. Each emphasizes guidelines to professional behavior. They all address proper conduct…

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  • Ethics In Health Care

    As the law ends, ethics begins its course. In the healthcare system, law and clinical ethics are disciplines that have related concepts with unique parameters and a separate focus (Atkins, De Lacey, and Britton 2014). To better understand the role of law and ethics in healthcare and their overlapping responsibility and influence in the Australian healthcare system, an analysis will discuss a case study involving an ethical dilemma. Various relevant legal issues, ethical principles, and theories…

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  • Virtue Ethics In Engineering

    Professional ethics has been an essential topic for engineers to comply to. This concept of professional ethics can be categorized into three varieties: prohibitive ethics, preventive ethics, and virtue ethics. Virtue ethics emphasizes the concept for engineers to promote the qualities of a character and also the quality of life of the people. This is supported by the Texas Engineer Practice Act where it is stated that: “Engineers shall be entrusted to protect the health, safety, property, and…

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  • Ethical Decision-Making Model: A Case Study

    mandated, unavoidable and avoidable situations should require a counselor to implement the ethical decision making model to alleviate any ethical, professional, legal, and clinical issues. When facing boundary crossing or boundary violations a counselor should seek advice from his/her clinical supervisor. The purpose intended for code of ethics was to be effective and implemented for a counselor to have leverage in altering their decision through ethical decision making as a safe guard to…

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  • Pennsauken Fire Department: Case Study

    through the development of sixty plus procedures, guidelines, orders and position descriptions; a key component to strengthening the personnel through an effective and measured ethics policy remains missing. The development of an ethics policy for the Pennsauken Fire Department will not only work to enhance the professional decision making abilities, and enhance the levels of service provided by the fire department; it will also serve as a process to improve the overall mental health and…

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