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  • Bob Gibbard's Observation

    Walking into Bob Gibbard’s office feels like walking into a lion’s den. He is incredibly tall and solid, sitting behind his computer just waiting for someone to walk through his door and ask for advice. If I were a freshman and Bob was my advisor, I would be terrified. That is, until he opens his mouth. Once you get past all of the military posters and accolades that scatter his office, there sits a genuine and thoughtful man, someone who reminds me of my grandfather. I’ve had the pleasure of…

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  • Personal Virtual Relationships With Current Clients: Case Study

    and ethical violation to the person’s attention, trying to resolve the issue informally first (ACA, 2014, I.2.a) If neither of these are successful in resolving the issue actions can include “referring to the state or national committees on professional ethics, voluntary national certification bodies, state licensing boards, or appropriate institutional authorities” (ACA, 2014, I.2.b.) (p.19) Section #7: Enumerate the consequences (risks and benefits) of potential course of action from the…

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  • Steroids By Athletes

    Many people think performance enhancers create only positive outcomes for an athlete, but do they? Everyone has heard of professional athletes using steroids, but for high school athletes, it is hard for them to get acquire steroids. Since they can’t get steroids, they turn to other performance enhancers, such as Adderall, which gives athletes higher energy levels than they would have without them. Another drug used by athletes is Hydrocodone, which is used to take the pain away. They use this…

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  • Social Responsibilities Of Professional Engineering

    1. Introduction Engineering affects all aspects of our lives, for instance, every building, object and machine that we use every day has been designed and built by engineers. Therefore the ethics and values of engineers have an important impact on society. There are many engineering challenges today. It was identified by the national science foundation that there are fourteen main engineering challenges. The challenge which is the focus of this report is access to clean water. We would expect…

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  • Accounting Major Essay

    profession. This increased complexity stems from the proliferation of new federal and state regulations as well as from the technological advancements made over the past few years. The extra 30 credit hours requirement ensures that accounting professionals are equipped with a sufficient knowledge base for when they enter the workforce. The 150-hour requirement does not apply to CPAs who had already received their certification before this requirement was introduced. In addition to the 150-hour…

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  • Importance Of Accounting In Accounting

    with their work all the knowledge and experience acquired throughout their professional pathway and in turn, provide confidence to its customers by proving that they are working in a professional manner and within the established laws. The role that an accountant develops is crucial for any business organization or individual, since they bring essential information about their financial status and tax returns. As any professional, accountants are committed to meet the required standards of…

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  • Doping In The Olympics: A Theoretical Analysis

    play true (Moller, 2010). Also WADA defines the spirit of the sport by the coming values: ethics, fair play and honesty, health, respect for rules and laws, respect for self and…

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  • Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Allowed In Sports Essay

    your attention on banding performance-enhancing drugs and brief reasoning on why change is critical. These drugs are in many ways very harmful. For one, avoid thousands of intoxications, protect all young athletes from misinterpreting the message professional athletes send, and continue honoring the significance of sports. It's true, there's been many studies where scientist have found that Performance-enhancing drugs are chemicals that can improve a person's strength, endure, or recovery from…

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  • Community Service Learning Reflection

    Throughout chapter one and two the main topic is engineering service in the community. The first chapter talks about the integration between community work and engineering classes within the university setting. The first chapter talks about how engineering classes and community work complement one another and have very beneficial outcomes in the long run. The chapter also highlights some of the key essential attributes for all engineers which consist of understanding engineering design, science…

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  • Why Do Steroids Use Performance Enhancing Drugs

    the other players. There have been many professional athletes that have been caught using performance-enhancing drugs. Many players are caught when a drug test is administered. Professional sports leagues have introduced a random drug test so athletes that do drugs cannot prepare for the test. Performance-enhancing drugs are banned in sports and if a player is caught using these drugs they might be banned or kicked out of the league. Drug use in professional sports is illegal, but the…

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